Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th March 2024 Written Episode: Ajay and Vaibhav Clash Over Property Share

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Vaibhav gets angry with Ajay in this episode. She defends Vaibhav. He asks if you also want a share, but I don’t. I don’t want to stay here. He leaves. It’s morning; Mauli thinks I did this to stay with everyone; they will all understand one day. She gets hurt. Rahul comes to help. He says I want to talk to you.

In response, she says she does not want to discuss property shares. He says he has something else to share with her. He gives her a rose. He says you are beautiful, I know many people have said this to you, you are beautiful by heart, when I look at you, I feel everything is fine in my life. Mauli is shocked. He gives her more roses.

It’s nice to meet you and talk to you, Radul says, I’ve never said that to anybody before, I haven’t felt this way for anyone else, I like you, Mauli, I… Mauli asks for a break. The man stops her and holds her hand. He says he won’t know it, but you understood it, correct? He starts laughing. He says you got scared, you might be wondering why I’m saying such stupid things, relax, it’s just a simple prank. She says it’s not funny. She leaves.

In addition, I know you don’t meet eyes when you lie. She says I’m not lying. He says you can’t hide the truth from me. You did this to stop everyone at home and don’t want anything. She remembers Manas’ words.

She asks why Rajul gives her roses, and he replies that they are from his heart. He says tell me why Manoj’s forgiveness is so important to you. He is my world, she says. I was an orphan when Manoj accepted me as his daughter, he educated me and gave me everything, he never made me feel like an outsider, he kept the relationship going, now it’s my turn. You are selfless, he says.

They shake hands and smile. He gives her the roses and says friends. She says you have to keep friendships. He says all life. They hear a man shouting. A girl gets injured. Mauli checks the girl. The lady says save my daughter. There is no danger to Laali, Rahul, we should take her to the hospital. Her pulse is dropping, we have no time to wait, we need to treat her right away. Mauli takes her to the clinic nearby.

As Mauli treats Laali, she tells the people she is safe and will be fine. The crowd claps for her and praises her. As a doctor, I am passionate about saving lives, so I have called the ambulance, and you can receive treatment at the hospital. The lady blesses their Jodi and thanks them for saving Laali.

We will go home after Rahul says. Mauli asks her to take care of them. She sees their blood-stained clothes. Rahul jokes. Nanhe taunts Manoj in anger. Manoj worries for Mauli. On his phone, Vaibhav says he needs more money to invest. When he ends the call, he says I want money. How do I explain it to my father? Vijay and Tanvi look on. Vijay goes to him and asks him what is going on. Vaibhav gets sad. Vijay says you should tell your uncle once and see. Tanvi says yes, we will understand.

The argument between Swarada and Ajay. Vaibhav talks about his struggles. Vijay and Tanvi cry. Vaibhav says if I had money, I could do anything. He leaves. He goes. She asks him to do something for Vaibhav. He says no, we need to settle him. She says yes, it is not wrong for him to ask for a share to make his life better. Mauli and Rahul come home. Janki sees them. He urges Janki for Prasad. Janki gives him Prasad. He thanks Janki and departs.

Janji taunts Mauli after giving her prasad. She says Manoj’s brothers are staying here to get their share, but Akshay should not worry, I won’t let the division happen, I’ll see who wins. Mauli smiles. Rahul looks on. Swara thinks Tanvi wants Vaibhav back. Tanvi says I will set Vaibhav’s life right. Mauli prays for him.

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