Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th September 2023 Written Episode: Shakti’s Dilemma and Shiv’s Arrival

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

In response to Ranjan’s mother’s advice, Shakti turns to leave. Ranjan tells her dowry is illegal. She turns to leave but finds Ranjan there. He says you spend no time with us. I often notice you working in the kitchen. You feel like Manorama makes you work a lot because she’s not your real mother. Shakti says shut up.. she’s my mother, and I work because it’s my house. Ranjan says don’t feel bad. I keep looking for you everywhere. Shakti says you’re thinking wrong.

He says I want you to be my sister-in-law, so I want you to stay with Rimjhim. Shakti is shocked and says I’ll tell Manorama… she turns to leave when his brother appears. They encircle her as Ranjan is about to touch her. She prays for help.. she turns to see Shiv entering the house and says, Dr. Shiv. Ranjan is shocked seeing him. She runs to him and holds his arm. Shiv is confused but holds her hand and asks if all is well.

She thinks Shiv will not spare them if he gets angry. She says everything is fine. He asks sure? Ranjan is scared and tells his brother Shiv that he will kill me if he finds out. He starts leaving with his brother, but Shiv stops them. Shiv says he feels like I know Ranjan. Ranjan says we’ve never met, and he leaves. Shakti thinks Shiv has met him before. I feel like I can stop the marriage if I find out.

As Mandira thinks to herself about preventing Shiv and Shakti from coming together, Keertan arrives, and she asks for his phone. Her own is not functioning correctly, and he obliges by giving it to her. Upon checking his phone, she sees that Rimjhim’s number is not saved. She expresses relief, knowing that Keertan would never pursue a girl like Rimjhim. However, after obtaining her number from Ranjan, Mandira uses Keertan’s phone to call Rimjhim. Shocked by the unexpected call from him, Rimjhim answers and questions why he is playing games with her.

Despite not wanting to let me go, you also claim that you don’t want me. You professed your love for me, though I couldn’t see your face from behind the wall, and I still fell for you. Despite my hesitation, I came to your house with Shakti when you asked. But then you hurt me and acted as if it meant nothing. And now, on the day of my haldi ceremony, you suddenly call me again? Please be honest about your feelings for me. After hanging up the phone, Mandira realizes that Keertan was only doing all of this for Shakti, while Rimjhim thought it was for her.

In her conversation with Shiv, Shakti says I need your help. But we’re not friends. Shakti says you have to, or Rimjhim will get married. Shiv asks why don’t you want her to marry? What’s wrong? On Keertan’s phone, Mandira calls Rimjhim again. Rimjhim cries and says you are not saying anything, but once a girl falls in love, she will cross all limits. Mandira ends the call by saying she will use Keertan to fool Rimjhim.

Shiv comes to Manorama to ask what he’s doing here. Shiv answers. Chacha invited me to all functions, so I’m here. I don’t want to reject people… He stares at Shakti. Manorama wonders if he is referring to Shakti. He says he just came here to help. She says then leave and help me. Chacha says stop it. After Manorama gives him flowers and asks him to begin decorating the house, he agrees and begins. Shiv asks Shakti why he is here. She goes to him and asks why he is here.

According to Shakti, your attendance here will enhance the function’s value. Similarly, Shiv believes that having you as a friend will increase his worth. As they both lift the chair together, their loving gazes meet. Shiv stumbles while admiring her, and she chuckles. Spotting them together, Ranjan worries about Mandira’s reaction if Shiv recognizes him. He quickly contacts Mandira and explains that he cannot complete her task as long as Shiv is around. In response, Mandira assures him that Shiv has a poor memory and has already taken some medication so he can proceed with his work without worry. Satisfied, Ranjan agrees to follow through with the task at hand.

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