Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th September 2023 Written Episode | Shiv and Shakti’s Growing Bond!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti invites Shiv to her room for a conversation, and they leave the area. Meanwhile, Ranjan and Mandira are already in Shakti’s room. Displeased, Mandira comments on their inability to separate Shiv and Shakti, but their discussion is interrupted by an approaching figure. Worried, Mandira urges them to hide. Just as Shakti is about to enter the room, Manorama questions their actions. Shiv clarifies that they were talking, but Manorama accuses them of putting on a show. She scolds Shakti for her behavior while Shiv stands up for her, stating that sometimes small mistakes must be made to prevent a bigger sin. He reassures Manorama that she will thank him later.

Manorama asks, should I thank you for destroying our reputation or for destroying Rimjhim’s life? Shiv says we will save her life. Chacha calls Manorama, who leaves. Shakti asks Shiv why he keeps fighting with her. They both come into the room, but no one is there. He locks the door and asks why he is doing this. He says because you don’t feel safe around Ranjan. Shakti says my protection is not your duty.. Shiv says it is.. Shiv says I’m responsible for protecting your dreams and protecting your dreams.

Shakti questions, “Why?” Shiv responds, “You didn’t want to befriend me because of my clan. I have had important people like Dadi, but now you are important to me, and I will always take care of the ones I cherish.” Shakti grins at him. He declares, “No one can keep me away from you. I will confront your Chachi and even fight Ranjan for you.” Shakti concurs, “You have said it all, but let’s act on what you’ve been striving for.” She asks if he is finally ready to become her friend. Shiv beams and extends his hand for a handshake. They share a hug, and both wear satisfied smiles.

Shakti ponders, is this just a friendship or something more? She embraces him tightly, reminiscing on their shared moments. Manorama’s words resurface in her mind, reminding her that their status is not as high as Shiv’s and cautioning her from getting her heart broken. Shakti reiterates that their relationship will remain simply a friendship. This prompts Shiv to inquire further, to which Shakti clarifies that there is no need to make something grander; the bond of friendship itself holds its significance. She adds that they don’t need any other destination in this relationship. Agreeing with her, Shiv brings up their current challenge: halting Rimjhim’s wedding and exposing Ranjan. Concerned, Shakti wonders how they will accomplish this task.

Shiv assures that as long as they stick together, they can handle any situation, and they leave. Mandira, Ranjan, and his brother emerge from the cupboard. Ranjan’s brother suggests taking drastic action against their opponents. In response, Mandira warns them not to sabotage Rimjhim and Ranjan’s wedding, vowing to protect it at all costs. Just then, Dadi appears and questions Mandira about her conversation with Ranjan. Mandira quickly explained that she was offering her assistance if needed. Dadi affirms that Rimjhim is like a daughter to them and suggests heading home together.

She sees Shiv-Shakti smiling at each other when Mandira enters the lounge. Raman says they keep staring at each other. Raghunath thanks Chacha for coming. Dadi says we need to leave now. She asks Shiv to come. He is chatting with guests and asking her to give him some time. Rimjhim stands beside Keertan. Ranjan sees Shakti and goes behind her. She panics seeing him, but Shiv stands between them and glares at Ranjan. He smiles at Shakti and asks what he wants.

Then Ranjan says he wants to apologize to Shakti. Shiv says you should stay away from her. Dadi asks him to come. Shiv says sure. He asks Ranjan to leave as the haldi is done. Ranjan thinks he can go first. Shiv says you should leave. Raghunath asks what the hell is going on? Shiv says they are guests, so we should wait until they leave.

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