Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Emotional Bonds and Family Tensions Unfold

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vandana protecting Vijay from any ill intentions. Atya and Vandana reprimand Mrunal and Anagha, stating that no one can harm their father. The two leave and Vandana expresses her distrust toward them and the need to keep a watchful eye on those who may have tried to harm her father. Someone is seen watching from a distance before hiding. Tara enters the scene, causing Vandana to hide. Tara expresses her desire to hug Vandana but also apologizes for being unable to stand anyone scolding her. After Tara leaves, Pammi asks Simmi to speak with Kunal. Simmi proudly mentions that she has completed an MBA from Harvard University and offers her assistance if needed. Impressed by Simmi’s credentials, Pammi asks if she can help with anything else.

You stay here, Simmi. Vedika signs yes, he agrees. Pammi says you’re lovely. She talks to them. Pammi says Kunal, you’re so beautiful and hot, right, Kunal? Then Simmi says Kunal, let’s have a party. Kunal says no, Bobby will take her. Bobby says let’s party. Pammi says you have to win Kunal. Simmi says I haven’t started trying yet. Vandana asks Subhash to give Tara chikki. Kunal sees Tara eating the chikki. Tara says Vandana has sent this. She knows it is my favorite, so she knows it’s hers.

He says I’m unable to separate them, what is their connection. Vandana says I cannot meet Tara, but I can send my love. She prays. Tara keeps a letter in the temple and prays. Kunal gets the letter and reads it. He tears it. Vedika watches. He says I asked you not to do this. Tara prays to get Vandana. Vandana makes butterfly clips for Tara. Kunal says he doesn’t know if Tara slept or not.

When Vandana sees Tara, he smiles and hugs her. Kunal looks for her. He thinks she might have gone to Vandana. Tara talks to Vandana. Vandana hears a gated sound and turns to see, but someone hides. Kunal says maybe Tara is with Vedika. Vedika says your love should not catch an alarming sight. Vandana and Tara ask her to speak to Mr. Rude. Vedika says I tried hard and will keep trying until he agrees. Vandana says I hope Kunal sees this love, and he agrees, but Kunal says I’m afraid I have to disagree.


Someone kills Vijay after Kunal and Vandana argue.

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