Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Episode: Tapish Struggles with Emotions, Anupama Stands Up Against Injustice

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In the mirror, Tapish looks at himself and dances in anger. He thinks of Dimpy and wonders why she didn’t come until now. Mushkil karde jeena mera plays… He remembers her words, saying she had forgotten her troubles for some time. He recalls Vanraj’s warning and dances aggressively. He sits on the floor. Anupama comes there and offers him water. He drinks it.

Tapish nods in agreement. Anupama helps him get up. Dimpy says she is late for class and thinks the same thing will happen again if she goes. She apologizes to her baby and thinks she is trying to keep herself free from stress and be happy. As she says, she is trying to be satisfied.

Tapish confirms he is okay. She says whatever happened yesterday. He tells Anupama that he had taken Dimpy to listen to the jamming of music by his friends and that Vanraj sir thinks we are just friends. It was Dimpy who told Kavya Maam before I came. Anupama calms him down and says both Baa and Mr. Shah are worried about Dimpy. She says they can’t think like you, and you can’t think like them.

She says she can see worry in your eyes, and this is the time to understand. Dimpy is carrying my son’s baby, and Baa and Mr. Shah are hopeful about Samar’s child and overprotecting Dimpy. She says they don’t want to lose the baby, and Tapish says I can understand, as I have lost my parents and know its pain. She says they do not want to lose the baby. Anupama tells you both to understand and asks them to take wise steps to prevent taunting.

Baa inquires about Dimpy’s destination, to which she replies that she will give the courier guy the OTP. She leans in and shares that nobody can prevent her from going if she has decided. Anupama advises Tapish to befriend Dimpy but suggests taking time for their friendship to develop naturally. She assures him that Dimpy will not end their newfound bond. Curious, Tapish asks if Dimpy will be joining them now. Anupama proudly states that Dimpy is her daughter-in-law and will undoubtedly accompany them. She adds that there’s no need for Tapish to worry, as both he and Dimpy are good at heart. Titu finds the situation amusing and chuckles.

When Vanraj and Kavya come home, Dimpy tries to talk to them. Vanraj says not now. Kavya tells Dimpy Anupama will speak to them and convince them. She says she dances well and makes others dance well as well. Dimpy smiles. Barkha offers Malti Devi cold coffee, and Malti Devi says Anupama threatens her today. Barkha asks her to act before Anupama does.

Anuj and Anupama are dining at the restaurant. Anuj remarks that he’s surprised she wasn’t afraid of the lizard, so he invited her here. Anupama questions if it was meant to scare her, to which he responds no, it was simply for a meal. He encourages her to order whatever she likes from the menu. Anupama notices a 10 Rs markup on every item and asks about it. Anuj playfully points out that now that they are married, she shouldn’t worry about money and enjoy their date. He asks if she spoke with Dimpy, but Anupama reveals she talked to Titu instead. He suggests they focus on each other and not worry about groceries. Taking her hand, he gently kisses it affectionately.

Anupama inquires, “What’s happening? There are other people around.” He jests, “Do you prefer me to share romantic moments with others?” Anupama responds, “No, of course not.” Suddenly, they overhear a girl berating the elderly waiter, accusing him of ruining her attire and labeling him blind. The waiter apologized, explaining it was unintentional. Disregarding his explanation, she splashes water on his face, exclaiming, “Mistake, my foot!” The waiter is taken aback by her reaction.

As the girl shouts at the manager for hiring an old man as a waiter, the waiter says he was keeping the glass when she got up, so that is why the water fell. She is about to slap him, but Anupama shouts at her and says she should have brought manners and costly stuff. She asks the manager to fire this old man, or she will write bad reviews of the restaurant, and he knows how influential she is. The manager fires him.

He says I’d like to apologize for holding her feet. The manager refuses to let him continue his job. Anuj asks the manager if he has the owner’s phone number, and he says he’d like to speak with him. According to him, your influence begins and ends on the phone, and Anuj Kapadia will show you the real influence. She doesn’t want to mess with Anuj Kapadia, the guy says. Anupama asks the girl to apologize to him. The girl refuses.

She says the scores will be settled now. She claims the water fell on you accidentally, but you intentionally threw it on his face. She asks the waiter to slap her hard and tells Anuj to give her his phone since she will take the video since the influencer video is going viral fast. Anuj asks her to fold her hands, bend her head, and apologize to him. She folds her hand and apologizes to the waiter.


Anuj asks Anupama to take Dimpy to the hospital while he takes Choti to school. Pakhi points out that Dimpy’s baby hasn’t arrived yet but has become Mummy’s top priority. She warns Choti that Mummy may forget about her once the baby comes. Anupama reassures Choti that no mother in the world would abandon her children but adds that if she continues to behave poorly, she may be left behind forever. Pakhi tells Choti they might have to send her to an orphanage when the baby arrives. Concerned, Choti asks if they are serious about sending her away. Both Anuj and Anupama become livid and angry.

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