Agnisakshi 9th August 2023 Written Episode: Jeevika Confesses Love, Satvik’s Recovery Begins


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The Episode begins with Jeevika approaching Satvik, expressing that he has been causing her distress. She urges him to rise and engage in a verbal disagreement with her. She reveals she has so much to say but struggles to conceal her emotions from him. She confesses that watching him in this state pains her deeply. Reminding him of Maayi’s words about how revealing her love for him could potentially save him, she declares that when it comes to his life, she cannot tell a lie. Drawing a parallel between herself and Rukmini’s love for Shri Krishna, she encourages Satvik to open his eyes and recognize the truth by looking into hers. Suddenly, a man appears and hands Rajnandini a bag.

She checks from the side and finds a cup with love on it. She smiles, calls the person, and says, “I know you will send a gift like this to me, and you know my choices well, so there is no one else who will be able to make me happy like you.” She asks him if he has planned an attack on Satvik and says I knew it. She says she was scared at one point that police may reach her, but now no one will understand since there are two attackers.

Jeevika turns to Satvik and questions whether he refuses to open his eyes or should she close hers. She declares that if they cannot survive together, they shall perish together. She lays her head on his chest as Satvik regains consciousness and utters her name. The concerned Jeevika rushes to contact the doctor while notifying their family members. Narayan, Shlok, and Manas enter the room, admitting their fault. Satvik expresses gratitude for losing blood because it made him aware of their genuine affection for him. The doctor examines him and prescribes medication along with care.

Narayan expresses his desire to take him home. The Doctor agrees. Narayan insists on administering medicine. Shlok reminds him of his own need for medication and offers to help. Manas points out that Narayan’s mornings are often delayed until the afternoon and suggests Jeevika as a suitable caregiver. Swara volunteers to visit Jeevika’s house before returning. Pallavi advises against it. Manas approaches Pradeep and inquires about the situation with Jeevika and Satvik. Pradeep expresses concern for their relationship, believing Jeevika may be trying to distance herself from Satvik. Manas assures him he will not let them drift apart, and Pallavi and Pradeep depart together.

As Lata removes the evil eye from Satvik and Jeevika, she warns the evil’s reverse countdown has begun. Juhi asks if Lata is referring to you. Rajnandini scolds her for this. Shlok and Jeevika take Satvik to his room. Aadhya informs Shlok that his phone is about to arrive. Shlok says nothing is more important than him. Swara asks him to understand. Shlok leaves Satvik while Jeevika holds Satvik. Jeevika makes Satvik sit on the bed, and they all come up with excuses. Satvik holds Jeevika’s hand as they leave.

Jeevika says you have right on me, but until when…since I will not be your wife. When Juhi sees Shlok and Swara together, she asks Rajnandini when Jeevika will leave. She feels shy and smiles when she receives a message and feels her marriage will end within 24 hours. Rajnandini says the attacker is her man. Juhi asks if he is hers.

Satvik asks Jeevika to pass his file, phone number, and a glass of water. She hands him the water. He then requests a chocolate as Jeevika is preparing to leave. Playfully, Satvik tosses a pillow at her and calls her “my sapnon ki rani” (the queen of my dreams), also asking for the pillow. Jeevika playfully refuses to listen to his demands. However, Satvik throws the pillow at her again, accidentally hitting Lata. Amused by their antics, Lata teases them. Jeevika accuses Satvik of teasing her, and he questions if he can’t tease her at all. Lata jokingly tells Satvik that Jeevika knows best how to handle him. As Jeevika leaves, Lata comments on how their bond will last forever because of their care and respect for each other.

Jeevika updates Aai on Satvik’s condition, assuring her that he will recover soon. Rajnandini arrives and inquires about Jeevika’s well-being. Jeevika expresses her concern for both of them, acknowledging that the recent incident has been unsettling. However, she reassures Rajnandini that Satvik’s current state has put her at ease, too. Rajnandini playfully asks if Jeevika’s heart has melted due to Satvik, to which she responds with a firm denial. She reminds Rajnandini of her promise and says she cannot play with Satvik’s life. Rajnandini encourages Jeevika, reminding her that her sacrifice will ultimately lead to Satvik’s happiness and will not go in vain. They share a hug, and Rajnandini secretly plots to get them divorced.


Satvik thanks Jeevika for taking care of him all night. He wonders why she wants to leave him when she loves him so much.

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