Agnisakshi 7th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 7th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Satvik tells Jeevika that Manas is his childhood friend and asks why you didn’t meet him as a child. Satvik says they will stay happy as good friends, if not husband and wife. He says my friend makes me understand well. Jeevika laughs. He says friendship is certain, and says friends. They shake hands. He says that he hopes this tear is a happy tear.

Her husband tells her to rest, and says you might be busy all day. Rao calls Rajnandini and tells her Vohras will be in Pune soon, and says we cannot do anything in Satvik’s presence. She says you can tell me anything you like. Even if the stone on my way is Satvik, Rajnandini says the deal will happen.

In retrospect, Satvik expresses remorse to Jeevika for his behavior towards her yesterday. He acknowledges that he should have understood her intentions of protecting someone’s job. Jeevika then reminds him of the friendship rule of no apologies necessary. In a lighter tone, Satvik shares that he has gained weight since getting married. Relieved, Jeevika responds with gratitude that he didn’t say it out of anger. Satvik admits that he was upset about losing his temper and also about their father agreeing to hire Rao again. He feels like he couldn’t earn their father’s trust like his brother Udkarsh did. Concerned, Jeevika advises him to rest. Suddenly, Jeevika’s family arrives and starts dancing, bringing joy to the atmosphere. Manohar praises their daughter for having such a loving family while Narayan expresses how grateful they are for each other’s presence in their lives.

In a conversation with a friend, Shlok says that he will marry at 50, and that every girl won’t be as sweet as Bhabhi. Swara makes him eat chilli and then gives him water. Juhi scolds Swara. Swara replies. Shlok takes her side. Swara gives him a sweet bowl.

Manas playfully teases Satvik as Jeevika joins them. Manav explains that they were discussing their children. Jeevika empathetically nods, understanding the topic. Satvik then invites her to join them for the cake cutting. The three of them make their way to the stage, where Jeevika takes charge and cuts the cake with a smile. Satvik playfully admits his love for smearing cake on people’s faces and starts chasing Jeevika. Swara joins in the teasing, followed by Jhanvi who brings up memories of playing hide and seek. Satvik quickly comes up with an excuse to leave, pretending to receive an urgent call from Sampath. Jeevika follows suit, claiming she has to attend Siddhi’s call. Narayan watches the joyful scene unfold and is pleased with what he sees.

In order to avoid making Satvik uncomfortable, Pallavi asks Pradeep not to ask him anything. Pradeep thinks Pallavi is right, and believes that Supriya represents his past, while Jeevika represents his future and present. Rajnandini is furious when Pallavi tells her about Satvik’s love story. She gives her the bangle to shut her mouth. Pallavi becomes happy and says I’m not greedy. Rajnandini departs.

Aadhya, Shlok and Swara ask Satvik and Jeevika to dance. Narayan asks Satvik to dance. Tu jahan jahan plays….Satvik and Jeevika dance happily.

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