Agnisakshi 3rd October 2023 Written Episode: Jeevika Unveils Rajnandini’s Deception


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Jeevika’s mother cautions her about Rajnandini, claiming she is not trusted. Curious, Jeevika inquires as to why her mother feels this way. In response, her mother reveals that Rajnandini was aware of Jeevika’s infertility even before their marriage and purposely kept it a secret from her. This deceitful behaviour explains the promises Rajnandini made to Jeevika. Upon reflecting on Rajnandini’s words, Jeevika expresses confusion and mentions that her sister-in-law had told her otherwise. However, this only adds to her perplexity as she questions why Rajnandini would lie about such a serious matter. Her mother responds by confirming Rajnandini’s true nature as an evil person with many wrongdoings weighing on her conscience. Considering this, Jeevika’s mother suggests it may be time to confront Rajnandini and asks if Jeevika is ready for it.

Satvik is engrossed in a magazine when Rajnandini approaches him, attempting to strike up a conversation. He remains silent, clearly upset. Despite understanding his reluctance, she persists in talking to him. Satvik acknowledges her but declines to reply. She tries to lighten the mood with a joke and apologizes for her actions. However, Satvik maintains that he cannot forgive her after what occurred. Rajnandini explains that she was confused and did not know how to handle the situation. This only fuels Satvik’s disappointment, as he had always thought highly of her and believed she could do no wrong. He gets up and heads to his room while Rajnandini becomes increasingly frustrated.

Jeevika’s brother-in-law offers her an apology, and she responds by acknowledging that he could not act differently due to the circumstances. He then inquires if she is considering Rajnandini, to which Jeevika expresses her confusion about why she even made that choice. He advises Jeevika to be patient and observe Rajnandini’s true intentions. When Jeevika questions why he isn’t revealing all the information, he explains that the stakes are high and he would have shared everything already if they weren’t. This perplexes Jeevika until he assures her that he will disclose everything soon.

Rajnandini’s sister asks her if she’s okay. She tells her that her plan was destroyed. Rajnandini becomes furious and says that she’s not used to defeats. She orders her younger sister to leave the room. She says it isn’t a big deal if she misses her target. She already has other plans.

Juhi’s sister is pouring milk into a glass when she accidentally burns her hands. Jeevika arrives and uses ice to ease the pain. At first, Juhi scolds her but later expresses gratitude for her assistance. She recalls how Jeevika had prevented her from being evicted from the house. Jeevika thanked Juhi and mentioned that Satvik had informed her that Juhi had asked for his help. Juhi requests Jeevika not to disclose this to their older sister. Smiling, Jeevika assures her that she won’t tell anyone and promises to always be there for her. Feeling comforted, Juhi exits the kitchen while Jeevika pours the remaining milk.

When Satvik comes down, his younger brother tells him he is very proud of him and his actions for Jeevika. He tells Satvik that he wants to share something with him. He tells him that a lot is happening in this house, and Rajnandini knew everything before, Sukanya said. Satvik says he is confused.

As Rajnandini apologizes to Jeevika, she tries to manipulate her by crying and telling her that nobody believes her, only she will listen to her. Rajnandini says they cannot afford to end the relationship over a minor event. Jeevika stays silent, and Rajnandini believes she has manipulated him. Satvik finds Jeevika sitting on her bed, remembering everything that happened. He asks her why she’s so stressed and if she’s thinking of Rajnandini again. Jeevika replies, yes. Satvik tells her about his behavioural plan.

When Jeevika is praying to God, Aadhya comes up to her and shows her the saree she found. She tells Jeevika how much she likes the saree. She shows Jeevika a bracelet and asks if she can wear it too. Jeevika says nothing. Aadhya asks if Jeevika is reluctant because it belongs to Rajnandini. She gets confused. She has so many questions in her head when Aadhya gives her the bracelet.


Rajnandini tells Jeevika that she must be misunderstood. Jeevika says she will throw you out in 7 days.

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