Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th October 2023: Rumors and Financial Turmoil


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Savi’s friends are convinced that Ishan is her mentor despite Savi’s repeated denials. Even when they mention how much she enjoyed herself at the pizza party he hosted, Savi maintains that he is no longer her mentor. She then excuses herself and heads to the college canteen to satisfy her hunger. However, she immediately cancelled her order after learning she had an outstanding bill of two months. When the canteen owner questions if she is skipping meals because of the unpaid bill, Savi replies that she forgot her sister had packed her favourite food for her. With nothing left to say, she walks away from the canteen, leaving her friends to speculate about Savi’s relationship with Ishan.

Upon returning home, Durva informs Surekha of the negative gossip surrounding Ishan and Savi’s relationship within the college community. Asmita advises that they should ignore such rumours. However, Surekha expresses concern and reveals that she has enlisted the help of marriage broker Latha to find potential matches for Ishan. She mentioned that Latha would be sending photos of three girls tonight. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Surekha announces that Latha has arrived with the girl’s pictures. To their surprise, three parlour girls enter instead, stating that they are there to perform manicures and pedicures for Surekha, Shikha, and Asmita Bhosale. The trio discusses their confusion as they did not make appointments for a parlour package.

When Durva receives an OTP from Sam, she calls him and asks about it. Sam says he wanted to pamper his parents with his parlour package since they had been treated so well by the Bhosale ladies during their visit. Although it has nothing to do with their proposal, Durva is impressed by his gesture. Anvi pulls her leg.

During a visit to Harini’s house, Savi asks her to prepare food, as she is starving. Harini says she has prepared her favourite food and asks her to sit. Kiran’s mother shouts at Savi for returning after putting him in jail and shamelessly seeking food. He takes her away, asking her to let him have food. She says Kiran lost his job because of Savi, and they have no money to pay their rent.

Savi asks Harini if they really are facing a financial crisis. Harini advises her not to worry about it and to concentrate on her studies, but Savi insists. Harini reveals that they haven’t paid house rent for the past three months and are due 45000 Rs. If the rent is not paid in a week, they will have to vacate. Savi promises to arrange the money and leaves.

Savi receives Ishan’s study material. Surekha praises Sam and says he is perfect for Durva during dinner. Yashwant pulls Durva’s legs and says Durva doesn’t like Sam, so Nishi joins him. Durva says she likes Sam. Ishan asks why they are in a hurry since they only know what the Patil family told them. Shantanu supports him.

Surekha pulls the emotional card, claiming that Latha’s thorough background check has convinced her of this potential relationship. She reveals to Ishan that she has found a suitable girl for him and shows him a photo. However, Ishan declines the proposal. Shantanu reminds Surekha that she shouldn’t impose on Ishan’s decision. Surekha questions if he would react the same way if Isha had brought this alliance. She accuses Ishan of rejecting her request because she is not his mother. Eventually, Ishan agrees to meet the girl but clarifies that the final decision will be his. Surekha reluctantly accepts this and vows to persuade him somehow and ensure that Savi doesn’t enter their household.

When Savi returns to her hostel room, she finds boxes. Savi finds the study material that Ishan has sent, including all his UPSC study material, and she is sure it will significantly help her. Savi imagines him and starts her nok jhok with him, refusing to accept him as her mentor. Ishan says he is assisting her as a friend, not a mentor.


She seeks a job from a suspicious lady who informs her that it’s risky and she can’t meet anyone until the job is completed. Harini tells Savi she needs to pay 3 months’ rent within a week.

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