Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with a doorbell ringing, and Paakhi opens the door to find Sai standing there. Sai explains that she came to meet Vinu. Paakhi sarcastically remarks that a fool returns home eventually, implying that Virat convinced Sai to come back. Sai clarifies that if Virat had convinced her, he would be standing there instead of Paakhi. She explains that she came to see and take care of Vinu after learning about his illness and was informed that Virat isn’t home.

As Vinu tries to approach her, he falls down, and Sai quickly holds him. Vinu asks if she has come, and Sai assures him that she is there. She lovingly pampers him and asks him what happened to his legs.

Sai narrates how Baba followed her when she left home after a fight, and when Paakhi tried to stop him, he pushed her away, causing her injury. However, Baba never checked on her. Sai wonders about the situation between Virat and Paakhi and how it has affected Vinu. She believes that Virat feels guilty for what he has done.

Sai asks Vinu to help her stop their parents from fighting and let him stay with his parents, grandparents, and sisters. She mentions how Vinu’s classmates’ parents separated, and they stay with either parent for a few days. Sai assures him that everything will be fine.

Vinu asks Sai to promise that she will prevent their parents from separating. Sai promises to make things right and asks him to remember the exercises she taught him. Vinu begins doing the exercises, and Ashwini watches them. Meanwhile, Virat arrives at Azad Maidan to meet Sai but wonders why he can’t find her, thinking that maybe she is on her way.

After meeting with Vinu, Sai prepares to leave. Ashwini asks her if she thinks Vinu will recover soon. Sai assures her that he will. Ashwini then asks about Saavi. Sai informs her that Saavi is fine and she herself is doing well. Ashwini wonders why Sai is smiling.

Sai explains that even when Ashwini wanted her to leave the house, she still worries about her. She recalls how Ashwini used to care for her like a daughter-in-law and acknowledges that Ashwini still cares for Paakhi just as much. Ashwini admits to having similar feelings but emphasizes that she must prioritize Paakhi’s needs due to her past experiences with her in-laws and husband.

Sai feels misunderstood and clarifies that she doesn’t mind Ashwini loving Paakhi, but she was hurt when Ashwini mistreated her. She never expected Ashwini to change. Despite Ashwini’s love for her, the situation has changed. Sai knew that Virat and Paakhi’s relationship would be affected when she entered the house, and life could never return to normal.

Sai asks Ashwini if she believes that she is responsible for Virat and Paakhi’s differences. Ashwini acknowledges that it’s true because she has witnessed the intense love Virat has for Sai. Sai mentions that although Virat does whatever he wants, she never intended to come between them and will soon leave the city.

Ashwini reveals that Virat loves only Sai and is determined to bring her back into his life. As Sai’s mother figure, she is also Paakhi’s mother-in-law and must take care of Paakhi. Ashwini apologizes for Virat leaving Paakhi forever. At Azad Maidan, Virat waits for Sai and calls her.

As he reads Sai’s message again, he realizes that she tricked him into coming to their house. He rushes back home. Sai assures Ashwini that she won’t accept defeat, emphasizing that she is the daughter of a policeman and will keep her promise to her son. She assures Ashwini that her son’s family won’t break their promise, and Vinu will start walking again. Sai leaves, and Ashwini expresses her gratitude, promising to never forget Sai’s favor.

After Sai returns to Sheetal’s house, Saavi asks her if she has met Vinu and Baba. Sai informs her that they will be leaving soon. Meanwhile, Satya calls Sheetal’s phone and informs her that he has arranged a job for her at a hospital in Mumbai and will send her the details. Sai expresses her gratitude and thanks him for his help.

Virat rushes home and asks if Sai had come. Ashwini tells him that she visited Vinu and left. Virat hurriedly goes to Vinu’s room. Sonali comments that Virat has gone mad in Sai’s love. Virat asks Vinu what Sai said, and Vinu promises to treat him.

Virat fumes at Sai for tricking him again but declares that he won’t accept defeat and will continue to search for Saavi.


Someone requests Sai to not run away from Virat as there is someone who wants them to reunite. Virat asks Saavi to tell that person to bring Sai back.

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