Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

It is Sai’s belief that she understands Pratap’s pain. Pratap says she can’t. Sai says he doesn’t know about her pain, and she even loved someone and married him, but circumstances separated them and he married someone else; she never thought of harming him; if they don’t get their love, they shouldn’t regret it.

Sai says he was trying to help himself and others to get rid of his pain, he should forgive Ruhi and make her a beautiful memory. Pratap thanks her. Police take him away. Sai hugs her children and Virat.

He tells her they saved their children, their Vinu. Sai asks what he meant by that. Virat says he meant..just then, Pulkit calls to inform him that Pakhi’s condition is critical after her internal stitches broke down. Then Virat leaves saying Pakhi’s condition is critical and he needs to go to the hospital. Sai asks what he was talking about Vinayak.

Sahiba packs her bags and tells Sai that 2 days have passed by so quickly. Sai gets emotional and tells Sahiba that she shared her emotional pain with her. As Sai was hugging Virat and her children, she felt as if Sai and Virat were still husband and wife. Sai says eyes see something and reality is something else. A gurdwara procession passes by.

Sahiba says the kind of mother she is, she shouldn’t be separated from her children; she must have endured taunts and humiliation from her in-laws after losing her son; she is kind and wouldn’t have done anything wrong; as she escaped the accident, her son must also have escaped, and with god’s grace, she might be able to return her son.

The procession leaves. Sahiba says she will go now, and she asks her to hand over a few paintings to the orphanage. Sai asks, and Sahiba says Bal orphanage. Sai hugs Sahiba, and she says you too. As Sai returns to her sleeping children, she treats Vinu and recalls Sahiba telling her they looked like a family. Pulkit calls Sai and informs her that Pakhi’s condition is critical and she needs her assistance.

As soon as Sai reaches the hospital, he informs Virat that the kids are fine and sleeping. He asks Ashwini about Pakhi’s condition. Sai says Pakhi shouldn’t have come out before she was completely recovered.

Sai asks how the infection spread when Pulkit walks to her and informs her that Pakhi is suffering from a severe infection. As Pakhi did not take her medicines properly, the infection could not be controlled, so Pulkit called Sai here to ask for help in performing Pakhi’s surgery since Sai had performed her surgery and knows well about her case. Sai agrees to assist him.

In order to save Pakhi’s life, Pulkit and Sai perform Pakhi’s surgery. Sai asks if he is sure he wants to do this. Pulkit says he will take the family’s permission first.

After leaving, he informs Virat that he warned him to take good care of Pakhi, but since he could not and the infection spread in her womb, they must remove her. Bhavani overhears them and asks how he can remove Pakhi’s uterus when she hasn’t yet given birth to the Chavan family’s heir. In her usual arrogant tone, Bhavani asks why Pulkit let Sai perform Pakhi’s surgery while she and Virat refused permission last time.

Only Sai knows Pakhi’s condition well and is the most competent doctor. Bhavani accuses Sai of intentionally harming Pakhi last time. Sai asks why. Bhavani says Sai doesn’t want Pakhi and Virat’s baby in the world and Chavan family to receive its heir. Sai says her obsession for heir has caused her to risk Pakhi’s life and send her to honeymoon immediately after surgery.

It is Bhavani who accuses her. Virat asks them to stop fighting, he will do anything to save his wife and allows Pulkit to remove Pakhi’s uterus.

As Virat tries to reveal that Vinu is her son, Bhavani walks in and accuses Sai of not giving Chavan family its heir. Virat says their Vinu is alive.

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