Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shantanu congratulates Isha’s photo on the news of their son’s alliance being fixed and their engagement taking place in just 4 days. As he enjoys a cup of coffee brought by Riva, she asks if she is interrupting him. He reassures her that she is not and she can join him. Curious, she inquires about the woman in the photo and Shantanu reveals that it is Ishan’s mother. Riva compliments her beauty and wonders why Shantanu remained quiet while everyone else expressed their joy for Ishan’s alliance. Shantanu explains that he wanted to share his happiness too but was unable to due to certain circumstances. He then blesses Ishan and requests Riva to always keep him happy and protect his heart as he has faced many hardships in life. Riva promises to do so and offers Shantanu some coffee, which he happily sips and compliments its taste.

Ninad serenades Savi with a harmonium tune while the family gathers around. Ashwini remarks that he hasn’t played in a long time. Ninad explains that after Bhavani entrusted him with Savi’s wedding, memories of his past resurfaced and he longed to play the harmonium that was gifted to him by Sai. He shares that while Ashwini prayed for a son, he always wished for a daughter and was overjoyed when Virat was born. He fondly considers Savi as his own daughter rather than just a grandchild. He expresses his desire to provide her with the best, but due to his illness and poor financial state, he is unable to do so. In light of this, he urges her to accept Bhavani’s decision and marry the man of her choice, thereby freeing him from his responsibility. Understanding Ninad’s words, Savi agrees to get married.

As Riva enters Ishan’s room, she notices him sleeping peacefully. She snaps a photo and playfully runs her fingers through his hair. Startled, he wakes up and jokingly questions if he’s passed away and entered heaven at such a young age, seeing an angel serving him coffee. The two engage in a romantic conversation before Riva excitedly reveals that she has been accepted into the London School of Business for her PhD studies. Ishan suggests she can pursue her degree even while staying here, but Riva explains that it has always been her family’s dream to see her study at the prestigious London School of Business.

Ishan says she may get a good job opportunity after completing her PhD, but will she accept it? Riva says let’s celebrate now, and think about it when it comes. Ishan sits sadly. If he is sad about a long-distance relationship, Riva says they can both enjoy daily routines online and spend holidays together, and she will return as Mrs Riva Ishan Bhosale after 3 years. Ishan says it can’t happen again. Riva asks what?

As Chavan arranges Savi’s engagement, Harini prepares her makeup. Savi recalls winning the Bhosale Institute scholarship and feels sad. As Harini tells her, she is supposed to be happy as she is marrying a boy who loves her a lot, not her husband who doesn’t look at her at all. Bhavani walks in and shouts at Savi. Savi asks what she did and Bhavani asks if she met anyone when she went to Samrudh’s house.

Bhavani says Mandar called and cancelled their engagement today, so they will all be here soon. Savi says no and she reveals what happened. Ishan recalls how his mother promised he would return soon but never did. Riva asks why he seems upset. It has been 20 years since his mother promised to return, but never did. He is heartbroken and does not want to be heartbroken again.

During a visit to Bhavani’s house, Sumrudh’s family asks Mandar why he canceled their engagement. Mandar says their panditji found a wedding muhurath after matching kundalis after 3 days. Savi asks how this can happen, and Mandar asks why it matters whether the wedding occurs in 1 year or in 3 days. Ninad asks how the arrangements will be made in 3 days. Bhavani agrees to make the arrangements in 3 days. Mandar’s family congratulates them, while Vinu stops Savi from speaking.


As Bhavani wishes for a grandson within a year, Ashwini suggests Savi elope. Riva confronts Ishan for hiding truth from her and tears their wedding card.

In a visit to Ishan, Savi tells him that getting into his college is her greatest goal. Ishan asks why he should admit her, what makes her special. Savi decides to change his mind.

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