Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2023 Written Episode on

Virat asks Satya if she will leave Sai if Sai says she loves him. Amba’s team tells her Sai gets respect for them and their art, and they are praised instead of criticized after so many years. Amba says they are all right. Alka says they got a bet daughter-in-law. Sai asks Amba if she saw Satya. Amba says he must be somewhere around. Satya says he can’t leave Sai, but Virat says he loves her and misses her, and he wants her back in his life.

Satya claims he married Sai and now she’s his wife. He says he lost Sai forever, and hopes he can get her back in his life if he can. Satya asks him not to get disheartened and says he loves Sai immensely and wants to live with her forever. Virat asks if he had told Sai. Satya says he didn’t gather courage yet to tell her. Virat says he shouldn’t delay and should tell Sai his feelings. He drags him along.

Sai frantically searches for Satya, wondering where he could have gone. Later, Virat leads Satya to the auditorium. Upon arrival, Satya remarks that they are early since the show hasn’t even started yet. However, Virat informs him that it’s actually finished and Sai has already returned home. He suggests that Satya should go home and speak to Sai. As they pass by Sai on their way to the car, Satya asks Virat where they should go next. After a moment of thought, Virat suggests going to Satya’s house. Satya points out that sometimes Sai visits Virat’s house instead. Trying to settle on a decision, Virat tosses a coin and ultimately decides on going to Satya’s house. However, they get into a playful argument about who will drive the car. In the end, Satya wins and takes the wheel.

Bhavani confronts Amba and mocks her for having to witness something she didn’t want to see. However, Amba responds by saying it’s actually a great day for her as her son and daughter-in-law have shown her immense respect. Sai approaches Amba, who then proceeds to give her bangles as a gift and shower her with affection. Bhavani looks on with envy while Amba remarks that although theoretically everyone should keep quiet, she can’t do so herself. She then asks if anyone has found Satya, but Sai reveals that he is still missing. Ninad adds that Virat is also nowhere to be found. Vinu and Saavi wonder where they could have gone, while Maddy suggests that Virat might have done something to Satya. Bhavani angrily rebukes Maddy, but Amba stands up for her. As the argument continues, Sai decides to ask the watchman if he saw Satya and Virat. The watchman informs them that both of them went to the parking lot before leaving in a car together. This prompts Sai to wonder what they could be doing together.

Saavi calls Virat, and upon answering the call, both he and Satya share a laugh. They remark that Saavi is similar to both of them in many ways – she has the determination of Virat and the resilience of Satya as a child of a single mother. Virat becomes emotional at the thought of potentially losing Saavi to Satya, but he is reassured when Satya promises that she will always be like a daughter to him. Grateful for their friendship, Virat thanks Satya before quickly turning his attention back to driving as they receive a call from Sai. He reminds Satya that no one should come between them and they continue on their journey.

Sai assures the concerned families that there is no need to worry, as both Satya and Virat are likely just dealing with an urgent matter. She suggests going home and waiting for them to finish their tasks. Meanwhile, Amba expresses her fears for Satya’s safety and Saavi tries to comfort her by reminding her that he is a police officer who will protect his friend. Suddenly, Sai receives a call from Satya’s phone, causing her to fall silent. She quickly announces that she must leave immediately, as Satya has been in an accident and has been admitted to City Hospital. The family is left in shock at the news.


The doctor informs Satya’s family that he has skull and hand fractures because of someone attacking him. Ninad walks in and asks how Satya is doing. Amba says he should question his son and she will file a police report.

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