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Seerat is trying to make banana pancakes for Angad, but Simran suggests adding mangoes and honey. Seerat assumes Angad prefers banana with maple syrup instead, so she suggests making plain banana pancakes for today instead. However, Simran insists on having bananas and asks Seerat to make mango pancakes next. Seerat declines, causing Simran to get upset and threaten to tell Angad about it. Seerat becomes frustrated with Simran’s behavior and starts cutting fresh bananas. Simran is surprised by Seerat’s strong reaction over a simple fruit and decides to play a trick on her by spilling juice on her. This leads to an argument between the two, with Seerat chasing after Simran in anger.

When Sahiba runs into Inder, he shares that Manveer is suspicious and suggests she keep the truth hidden for a little while longer. However, Sahiba knows she can’t keep the truth from Angad forever and encourages Inder to come clean before someone else does. While hesitant at first, Inder eventually agrees but expresses his happiness in seeing how much Angad likes Simran. Sahiba reminds him that Angad’s feelings will change once he learns the truth and that their family members should know about Simran’s father. Meanwhile, Seerat spots Sahiba talking to a man who could potentially be Simran’s father. As she tries to get a closer look, her dupatta gets caught, but she still manages to miss Inder’s face as Simran approaches them. Not wanting to arouse suspicion, Seerat urges Simran to leave the area.

Sahiba notices Simran and inquires about her presence. Simran explains that she is craving pancakes, but Seerat refuses to give her any. Seerat, on the other hand, accuses Simran of being a troublesome child all morning. Sahiba reminds Seerat to watch her words when speaking to a child and asks her to give pancakes to Simran. Seerat then takes Simran away. Sahiba turns to Inder and urges him once again to come clean with Angad and Manveer before it’s too late. Inder hesitates, citing his strained relationship with Manveer, but also expresses concern for her well-being if she learns the truth. Sahiba argues that keeping Manveer in the dark is not an option for much longer. Ultimately, Inder agrees with Sahiba’s reasoning.

Akaal asks Angad if he has spoken with the boarding school about Simran’s admission there. Angad says he hasn’t. Jasleen asks why Angad is putting Simran off and worrying about him when Kiara also studied at the boarding school. Manveer insists that the admission process be completed soon. Jasleen says Manveer is more eager to send Simran away from here. Angad says he wants Simran at home. Sahiba says they want Simran to attend a good school in Ludhiana and live with them.

Japjyoth advises against making an emotional decision, pointing out that they will soon have their own children to care for and may not be able to properly attend to Simran’s needs. Jaspal and Gurleen echo this sentiment, urging them to reconsider. However, Manveer is firm in their stance, suggesting that Simran be sent to boarding school as soon as possible. Akaal suggests exploring the possibility of any relatives who could take in Simran. Sahiba reminds the group that she has already spoken to an orphanage and secured guardianship of Simran for herself and Angad. She asks if they can keep Simran with them until a suitable relative is found.

When Seerat walks in, Angad asks why she always opposes Sahiba’s decisions as if she doesn’t really know her sister well. Seerat replies that she does. As Angad points out, even the government wants society to adopt such children and allow them to live with their families. Family stands shocked. Seerat says Sahiba is hiding the truth and that she knows who Simran’s father is.


Sahiba asks intoxicated Angad to stop. Angad expresses his love for her. Sahiba asks if he will not support her regarding Simran. Angad says her decision should be left to him.

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