Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update


As lohri’s firewood falls towards Angad, Sahiba saves him. The guests discuss how their pair looks so good as if it was made by god. Angad’s hand hits a kumkum thali, and the kumkum falls on Sahiba’s hair. Kul and Nimmi, Santosh’s neighbours, wish Santosh a happy Lohri and pull her legs. Santosh overhears them and thinks of teaching them a lesson. Kulwinder/Kul and Nimmi visit her and ask why she didn’t come to get milk that morning. Santosh says she is busy.

Seerat is asked if she won a necklace for dancing at Brar’s. Santosh boasts that she won a diamond necklace worth two-three lakh rupees at the Giddha competition, taunting that they appear jealous. They taunt her back that whatever she tries, Brar’s will not get their son married to Seerat; she is lucky that Sahiba runs her house or else she would have gone bankrupt. Santosh sits speechless and jealous.

Angad shouted at Sahiba after she touched him, accusing her credibility. She gave a fitting reply to every accusation, including his insinuation that she had tampered with firewood in order to hurt him as she had been in charge of making the arrangements. Sahiba declared he was not so important in this matter and their argument went on. Meanwhile, Garry probed Seerat about when her driver was due to pick her up and then feigned calling him and firing him for being late. He offered to drive her home instead and requested her address. When he proposed getting her a cold drink, she nervously rejected it but was impressed when he played Daljit Singh Dosanjh’s song – claiming he loved Punjabi songs and recounting his travels around the world.

He boasts of how Angad roams around Seerat and shows Nimmi and Kul the picture of Seerat and Angad in his bedroom. They taunt that they now understand how Santosh got party passes. Santosh gets angry at them for pointing out Seerat’s character. Angad and Sahiba continue their argument. Jaspal asks Seerat to apologize to Angad and end the problem. Sahiba says she will if he can point out her mistake. Sahiba says she will, but she isn’t arrogant and super egoistic like Angad to not accept her mistakes.

The show organizer thanks Sahiba for saving Angad and tells Angad that Sahiba is a good artist and good at heart. Angad says Sahiba isn’t anyone to argue with him and boasts about his wealth. After remembering his begging for her help at the shop, Sahiba walks away, saying she doesn’t have time to argue. She notices Sindoor on her hairline and wipes it off. A lady tells her not to remove it, as its god made her pair it with Angad.

Santosh asks how Sahiba got sindoor on her hair. Keerat explains. Seerat says they are discussing her alliance, but Sahiba got sindoor on her hair.

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