Faltu 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The show starts with Faltu sweeping the house and pretending that the broom is a cricket bat. Ayan keeps asking her to play different shots and she amazes him once again. As her teacher, she can call him Matsahab since he is her teacher. He asks why she keeps calling him Matsahab.

When he tries to take the broom from her hand to teach her a few shots, she says that she will get him the bat. But he refuses as he recalls his father’s promise. He teaches her some amazing batsmen tricks. She reminds her to stay focused as she has an interstate tournament coming up. She asks him what the reason is for being so rude all the time. He says that he knows just this way to teach, and she has to put up with it if she wants to learn.

When Faltu’s brother comes up to her, he tells her that the coach wants to see the team’s practice. In fear that he will not let her play if he finds out she is a girl, Ayan assures her that the coach will not find out about her identity, but rather her talent.

In preparation for practice, Faltu dresses up as a boy, but she loses her fake moustache. Ayaan paints a moustache on Faltu, and he also asks her to be strong enough as nobody else on the team knows she is a girl. He teaches her how to walk like a man, too.

Faltu’s Chachi catches her before she enters the car. Faltu fools her, but her Chachi keeps calling people to find Faltu and to find out why Anmol Singh suddenly appears everywhere.

A man searching for Faltu, Pappi, arrives at the cricket ground as Faltu enters the ground. If Anmol, Pratap, and Ayaan are there, then Faltu must be close by.

As practice commenced, Faltu struggled to disguise her identity. When Ayaan sought out the washroom, he noted that it was exclusively for males and Faltu remarked that girls were not allowed in such places as cricket pitches. There were no facilities for them given the male-dominated nature of the sport. In order to lend her aid, Ayan offered to stand guard outside but received a call that meant he had to step away. Pappi soon located Anmol Singh and chose the moment to question him on why instead of Faltu it was himself who had been found in the shop that fateful day.

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