Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th January 2023 Written episode update


He calls Seerat. She picks up the phone and identifies his voice. She asks who is speaking. He nervously says he means.. Seerat takes the phone and says Seerat is speaking. Garry picks up the phone from Angad and says it is Garry. He says it is Garry, he has scheduled a date with her with a condition that it would be her treat. Seerat nervously agrees. Garry sends the restaurant address. Keerat asks Seerat about Cindy’s baby. Seerat says a date with a condition.

Angad asks Garry why he asked Seerat to pay the bill. Garry says he doesn’t know about girls, they like equality. Veer taunts him that he is already planning a second date. Ekam says Garry is right this time. Garry says he doesn’t know about girls, they like equality. Garry believes he will take Seerat from Angad and won’t let him go on another date.

Seerat demands 10000 rupees from Sahiba to take him out on a date with Angad. Sahiba refuses. Santosh hears them and asks what the date means. Seerat explains. Santosh orders Sahiba to give money. Sahiba says 10000 rupees are a large amount and a whole month’s groceries for them. She finds money in her account book that Ajeet forgot to take.

Seerat snatches money from her and refuses to give it. Santosh supports Seerat. Sahiba says Keerat’s college fees are more important than Seerat’s date. Sahiba blackmails Sahiba until she agrees with Santosh that she will not be able to date Angad again.

Inder prepares for a date. Manveer asks if Angad has already decided to marry Seerat and is taking her on a date without informing his mother. Angad says Garry fixed the date. Inder notices them and fumes that they are planning everything without involving him. Manveer says he can meet Seerat while she meets Seerat’s parents and gets to know them more.

The argument between Manveer and Inder begins when Manveer praises Akal’s support of Angad and Inder criticizes Akal for being selfish and utilizing his family for his own gain. Inder and Manveer walk in opposite directions as Angad asks them to stop fighting and says what he is today is because of each elder in this house.

Sahiba was anxious regarding Keerat’s college expenses. But Keerat assures her that she’ll manage to get a fee concession through the sports quota. Sahiba insists on putting studies first, then bids farewell and leaves for work. Santosh orders fruits and sweets for visiting Brar’s and asks the supplier to bill it to Sahiba. Eventually, the vendor arrives at her shop with an 8000 rupees invoice. Sahiba requests him if she can pay in instalments but he settles for transportation fees instead. She pays up the rest of 500 rupees which was all the money she had left, worrying how she’ll make it through the month now without any funds.

Garry’s goons surround Seerat. Keerat fights them and gets injured. Sahiba gets worried for Keerat and asks where Angad is. Keerat says Angad didn’t show up at all. Sahiba decides to punish Angad.

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