KumKum Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode begins with the goon relaying to all that Mihika was taken away as per Aaliya’s instructions. Aryan signs him off on the phone and reminds them of his warning that if they don’t speak the truth to the Police, they and their families will face legal consequences. The goon instructs everyone to check the call list and declares that Aaliya had employed them for the kidnapping of Mihika and not Rhea. Ranbir conveys his gratitude for their honesty in speaking out, promising them rewards for it. He orders them to leave. Aaliya denies any involvement in her abduction and Rhea blames her for ruining her life, citing how she had ruined everything. Aaliya defends herself, as she steps out of the scene.

Pallavi says Rhea wasn’t with Aaliya in this crime and says you can’t go like this. Rhea walks behind her. Vikram asks what you want to tell. Aaliya says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone and tells Pallavi and Rhea to leave. Rhea says just I’ve arrived. She says that all our plans backfired and we’re stuck, and there is no way out. As Aaliya says, we can make one last attempt, but she isn’t here to prove our lies.

Rhea inquires if Aaliya has been saved. When the anniversary scene was unfolding in their home, Prachi’s expression was similar to Aaliya and Rhea’s. Vikram wonders why Pallavi is looking at her with such suspicion; he is reminded that even though he knew about the entire plan, he had remained quiet. Prachi rationalizes that she was scared.

Pallavi expresses her feelings of being made to feel small when compared to Prachi’s abilities and perceived greatness. She states that Prachi wanted to prove her own sacrifice, not taking into consideration the risks it posed for Mihika. Dida was silent due only to Mihika. Despite having trust in Aaliya, Pallavi still senses the danger posed by Prachi instead of Aaliya. Vikram and Ranbir come to Prachi’s defence, with Rabiir questioning why she has a problem with his baby’s mother. Prachi reassures them that she is their mother, but it’s not enough for Pallavi as she feels that Prachi constantly strives to prove her own superiority.

If she didn’t tell you the truth, how would Prachi have behaved? She says if Aaliya heard us talking to you, what would she have done with Mihika? Dida asks Shahana to bring water to Pallavi. She tells Ranbir that if she can do this for Rhea, then she can do the same for Mihika. He says she has made this decision for Mihika.

Sid brings Mihika to the house and Prachi runs to her, enquiring about her well-being. Sid sees Ranbir and embraces him with tears in his eyes, adding that sometimes we have happiness in easy ways while having to pay a price for it. Dida also asked Mihika if she was okay and she replied positively, as well as crying. Pallavi wanted to know why she was hurt so much. Rhea and Aaliya arrive then, with Mihika ready to tell them what Aaliya had done when Rhea stops her saying Buji will explain the whole story. She then feigns an apology on behalf of herself, asking Aaliya to apologize to everyone and especially Mihika.

Aaliya apologises and admits she has no excuse for her actions. She confesses to loving Rhea more than Aryan, unable to stand by and watch Prachi’s rights be taken away. She further explains that while Prachi’s baby is Ranbir’s, he still remains Rhea’s husband too. Aaliya goes on to say that she couldn’t bear the thought of Prachi taking her place in the family, adding that both Rhea and Aaliya knew about the pregnancy, but instead of acknowledging it they manipulated reports, blackmailed Sid and called Ranbir and Prachi baby illegitimate. Finally, she laments that due to this, Rhea had been sidelined. In response, Prachi clarifies that Rhea was never involved in Ranbir’s life anyway.

Pallavi believes Aaliya was desperate. She states she can comprehend this since Rhea is supposedly expecting Ranbir’s child thus she wanted her baby to get its due privileges. Prachi denies this to be true, asserting that Rhea isn’t pregnant and is deceiving the family. Ranbir glances at Sid for his approval. He then affirms that the report will arrive in 15 minutes and will leave to fetch it along with Vikram. Aaliya expresses concern for Rhea and joins them as she doubts the authenticity of the report.

Shahana taunts Aaliya and questions the assurance of she not compromising with the report. Dida and Pallavi announce their intention to join in as well. Rhea remembers the doctor’s advice. Ranbir appreciates Aryan, wondering how he can express his appreciation. He hugs him, then turns towards Sid and expresses gratitude, but apologizes for making him feel left out. Ranbir emphasizes that Sid is still his brother before embracing him again. At last, Ranbir looks at Mihika and acknowledges everyone’s guilt over her plight, before asking for forgiveness. Mihika responds that perhaps this phenomenon was meant to bring them all together as one. The trio of Vikram, Pallavi and Dida exits the premises. Before departing, Rhea restrains Aaliya and reminds her of what she should not do – buying off the doctor – and tells her to leave. Rhea thinks if Aaliya helps her in this matter then she will hold her in high regard, offering prayers day after night.

As Prachi prays at the in-house temple, Ranbir holds her hand and asks God to answer her prayers for now. He says she has troubled me a lot, but you don’t trouble her.

Precap: Rhea declared that the report claimed she was pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Prachi proclaimed that it doesn’t matter what happens, they will never be apart. In response, Rhea said that if her statement is false, then her unborn baby would die. Fortunately, a doctor intervened and informed them that no one is in danger as Rhea has no child in her womb. Prachi then exposed Rhea by removing her fake baby bump, leaving everyone astonished.

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