Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Seerat jests that Sahiba looks as though someone has applied sindoor to her hairline in a cinematic fashion. At the thought of marrying Angad, Sahiba expresses suicidal tendencies. Seerat then informs her that Angad is devoted to her and that his family wishes to meet her parents. Sahiba is taken aback by this news. Jasleen refers to Garry as Angad’s sibling and inquires if he wants to be ‘Garry Jasleen Baweja’ or just his brother. Garry answers that he is simply Garry Baweja and promises to obey Jasleen’s orders. She advises him to be prepared for complications, refusing to disclose the cause of it when asked by Garry. Inferring that she never had the chances she desired due to being a woman, she commands him to keep watchful and seize every opportunity available to him.

Sahiba stands drying her hair, deep in thought. Ajeet offers her turmeric milk and enquires what’s wrong. Sahiba remembers running into Angad – an obnoxious, self-important rich man – that same day. She is taken back to her childhood when Ajeet was unjustly blamed for thieving by a well-off client and sent to prison, causing him to lose his job for good. Ajeet gently reminds her that not all affluent people behave the same way; however, Sahiba is convinced that Angad belongs to the group of wealthy narcissists who believe their money gives them control over others.

Bebe notices the tension on Manveer’s face and inquires about the reason. Gurleen, a worried mother, expresses her apprehension regarding her son’s marriage. Daarji comments that it was fate that brought Seerat to their anniversary party. Jasleen then confronts him for not being supportive when she left her husband and returned home with two children; she claims that no one stood by her, leaving her in tears but with money. They further argue he reminds her that taking the wrong decision was of her own volition and hence she should have been ready to accept the consequences. To this, Jasleen retorts that she erred once but still her father never forgave her and didn’t allow her to join the family business or utilize the skillset; instead, he trusted Inderjeet which led to losses.

Prabjot insists to Daarji that Jasleen has a point, and requests him to remain composed. She shows Manveer the picture of Seerat and Angad, saying they are perfect for each other. Manveer suggest that no hasty decisions be taken and plans to meet the parents of Seerat before anything else. Garry puts forward the thought of taking them on date, which Veer undercuts by mocking Angad saying his family is trying to control him. Meanwhile, Sahiba presents Ajeet with money for Keerat’s education, but Ajeet insists on planning a museum trip for her later, noting her selflessness when it comes to others. This stirs up concern in Sahiba as she sees Santosh and Seerat’s eagerness to go home, suspecting Brar’s may have called them only to deride them.

Precap: Garry plans Angad and Seerat’s date, calls Seerat and informs him, and says he has a condition. Angad and Seerat are surrounded by Garry’s goons. Keerat fights them and gets injured. Sahiba gets worried for Keerat who describes what happened. Sahiba asks where Angad is. Keerat says Angad did not come there at all. Sahiba decides to teach Angad a lesson.

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