Faltu 19th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 19th April 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Faltu asks for Amar’s help. She thanks him. She serves the food and asks Ayaan to trust her, she will fix everything. He says, “I trust you a lot.” She asks why do you seem so tense? I don’t know, life is strange, you encourage me when I should encourage you, and we’ll leave. I want you to reunite with your family, she says. He asks where we will live, the family doesn’t care about us. She says yes, I am a bad bahu for them. She explains him. She says I am now your wife. My son can’t believe it; you used to run away from me, and now you are feeding me food.

He pinches her hand. He says this is our truth. She says yes, give me the food now. He says enjoy your first meal under the stars. They feed the food to each other. Pal ek pal…plays… They smile. She gets a candle and says it’s candlelight dinner now. Sid says don’t joke, Tanu has threatened me to accept the proposal. She says say yes, you wanted to marry her. Ayesha gets food for Savita. Savita refuses. Dadi comes. Janardhan keeps the glass from her.

Faltu has fed Ayaan the food, Dadi says. Sid says it’s not a marriage, it’s a deal, she wants Ayaan. Dadi and Savita smile when they see Ayaan happy with Faltu. Sumitra says she will concentrate on Ayaan, not business, because we will have all the control over business, Janardhan will be with us, and I will manage this house. As Ayesha walks away, Savita eats the food. Dadi scolds Janardhan and says I’ll never forgive you. Sumitra explains Sid to him and asks him to marry Tanu.

Tanu will love you and know you well, so call her and tell her you’re ready to marry her. If she tells Janardhan your truth, he’ll throw you out. Faltu says you don’t know how to fix the tent. He says yes, you do. Ayesha says they’re struggling. Dadi says they’ll handle it. Kinshuk says I’ll go help Ayaan. Dadi stops him. Faltu cheers him up. They have a moment. itti hi hasi….plays… He gets hurt. She cares for him. Sumitra and Sid watch.

Faltu is strong, she is the strong link in the relationship. Sid says Faltu doesn’t accept defeat, she won’t let Ayaan fall apart. Savita sees Janardhan and worries. He recalls Kanika’s words. Ayaan falls in Ayaan’s arms. They smile. Sid makes their video and sends it to Kanika and Tanu. Sumitra says no, Kanika and Tanu will burn this tent.


Dadi asks how we will get lotus flowers. Sid says Faltu is unlucky for this house. Faltu gets the lotus flowers and faints. Dadi says a snake bit her. Ayaan shouts.

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