Faltu 13th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ayaan asking the lady if she is okay. She assures him that she is fine and expresses her gratitude for saving her life. Shashank approaches them and informs Ayaan that the person playing the role of Lord Shiva has been injured. He requests Ayaan to step in and play the role. Ayaan is hesitant, but Shashank tells him that it is Lord Shiva’s choice. Guru ji also encourages Ayaan to give it a try. Eventually, Ayaan agrees and goes to rehearse with the actress playing Parvati.

Meanwhile, Charan talks to Jamuna and expresses his hope for Ayaan and Faltu to return home and be together again. Tanu arrives, and Charan blames himself for bringing her into their lives. Tanu feels that if Charan had stopped her earlier, she could have been happy with Ayaan. Shashank informs Tanu about the change in actors playing Lord Shiva and Parvati. Ayaan overhears their conversation. Tanu reveals that Ayaan has accused Faltu, but she believes in Faltu’s innocence. She explains that Ayaan refuses to believe them and intends to divorce Faltu. Shashank is taken aback by this revelation.

Ayaan, Faltu, and the rest of the cast rehearse their lines. Sid suggests going out for dinner, but Tanu disagrees, expressing her concern for Ayaan and Faltu. However, Sid insists, saying that he has obtained Janardhan’s permission and that they should focus on their own lives. Tanu prays for Faltu’s well-being.

Faltu receives a video message and contacts the manager for assistance, instructing him not to inform Ruhaan. She also discovers that Ruhaan is at the ashram. As Faltu rehearses her lines, Ayaan passes by and knocks on the door. This prompts Ayaan to think that if Faltu and Ayaan are in the same ashram, he should talk to Ruhaan. Shashank asks Ayaan to try on his costume and meet Parvati on the stage.

Meanwhile, Tanu discusses her plans to go to Nasik with Sid, suggesting that they visit Ayaan there. Sid realizes that Tanu’s real intention is to see Ayaan and not spend time with him. However, he agrees to accompany her, and they decide to inform the family after their return.

The episode continues with Guru ji suggesting starting the aarti. Ayaan and Faltu get ready for the play. Savita expresses her desire to see Ayaan, but Tanu advises against it. Charan announces that he will also go along as he is returning from the police station. Faltu worries about not practicing with the new actor playing Lord Shiva. Shashank advises Faltu to stay inside for a surprise.

Ayaan rehearses his lines while Harsh informs everyone that Janardhan is coming home and wishes to speak to everyone. Tanu tells Sid that they will bring Ayaan back and rush to leave. Ruhaan arrives at the ashram and meets Guru ji. The lady announces that it is time to start the play. Guru ji suggests performing the aarti before commencing the play. Sid and Tanu discuss their plans to go to Nasik, but Tanu worries about being caught by someone they know. Ayaan and Faltu arrive for the play.


Faltu cries while thinking about Ayaan, and a man is seen dancing.

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