Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ranbir comforting Mihika, assuring her that the family members will come to hate him eventually for what he is planning to do, but not at this moment. Mihika departs, and Ranbir resolves to stay a little longer, postponing his departure. Akshay tries to convince Vishaka that everything is fine between them, but she doesn’t believe him and questions his intentions when he says he wants to win her heart. Vishaka tells him that she knows his games and warns him about the consequences of infidelity. She shares her observation of married women having affairs and how the blame falls on the men involved.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and realizes that he came not for Mihika but for her. Ranbir approaches her and asks what she’s thinking. Prachi tells him that she knows what he’s up to and that he came for her. Ranbir acknowledges her understanding and Prachi mentions their lack of understanding and constant fights. She states that he was fortunate to have her in his life, as she was the best among the others. Ranbir questions why they separated if they were so good together, and then walks away. Prachi reflects on her conflicted feelings and how her heart still beats for him, wondering how he could think badly of her.

Vishaka discusses with Ashok about Ranbir’s behaviour towards Prachi and Mihika. Ashok asks Vishaka what she’s feeling in her heart and advises her not to create puzzles. They see Ranbir approaching Mihika, and Manpreet joins them. Vishaka mentions that Manpreet thinks she’s the one filling Ashok’s ears. Manpreet assures her that she doesn’t interfere. Vishaka reveals to Ashok that Ranbir was supposed to marry Prachi’s sister but didn’t go through with it. She believes that Ranbir and Prachi share a different kind of bond, one that goes beyond being relatives. She decides to prove her point by showing how Prachi looks at Ranbir.

Prachi arrives at the scene, and Ranbir also looks at her before turning away. Prachi recalls their conversation and becomes upset. Mihika tells Ranbir that she needs to get something from her room. As she moves, she slips and drops some marbles. Prachi is about to fall too, but Ranbir and Akshay rush to save Mihika and Prachi, respectively. Prachi is disappointed when Ranbir runs past her and holds Mihika, while Akshay catches her from falling. Prachi expresses her anger towards Ranbir. Ashok tells Vishaka that Ranbir saved Mihika, and Vishaka starts to doubt her assumptions.

Mihika apologizes to Ranbir for the mishap, but he reassures her that it wasn’t her fault. Mihika recalls a past incident when a friend told her that all guys are the same. Ranbir asks if she’s hurt and offers to get her some medicine. He leads her away while jokingly mentioning his experience with injuries and teasing girls. Ranbir apologizes for his behaviour when they first met and expresses his gratitude for saving her. Mihika thanks him and apologizes for briefly mistaking him for a goon. Ranbir asks her not to feel bad.

Manpreet compliments Ranbir for his heroic act of saving Mihika, while Divya and Neha remark on how Ranbir lacks concern for others and has escorted Mihika to his room. Vishaka starts to doubt her previous assumptions, and Akshay suggests apologizing to Ranbir for thinking ill of him. Ashok admits that he liked Ranbir from the beginning. They conclude that Mihika has chosen the right guy. Vishaka asks who Shahrukh is, and Abhay jokes that it’s their driver. Prachi overhears their conversation. A servant praises Ranbir, and Vishaka agrees that he is a good guy. Prachi affirms it as well but feels upset as she walks away. Akshay notices her and smiles.

Ranbir applies ointment to Mihika’s hand, and she questions his actions, thinking he’s pretending. Ranbir assures her that he genuinely cares for her and asks if she never found a good guy before. Mihika compliments him and asks about the girl from his past. Ranbir confesses that he still loves her, but she hates him. Mihika finds him sweet and wonders how anyone could hate him. Ranbir wishes that she could see him through Mihika’s eyes. Divya, Abhay, and Neha observe them from outside.

Prachi also arrives and becomes upset seeing Ranbir with Mihika. They all enter the room, and Ranbir asks Prachi to come inside as well, but she claims to have work to do and leaves. Neha teases them, and Abhay suggests they continue their conversation. Ranbir then goes to the kitchen and asks Prachi if she’s fine. Prachi replies sarcastically, saying she’s perfectly fine and that he doesn’t need to ask. Ranbir smiles and compliments her, but Prachi warns him not to flirt. He explains that he was genuinely concerned when she fell down the stairs. Prachi retorts that he wasn’t there to help her anyway.


Ranbir advises Prachi to end the matter and questions why she keeps dragging it on. They playfully exchange banter, referring to each other as “Chikchiki” and “Baklu.” Akshay overhears them and asks what they’re talking about.


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