Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update

In the episode, Laali tells Balbira that she feels so much love for him and that he did the right thing. Balbira says what’s the point, they did not listen to us and want to mess things up. Wilson asks how we will leave from here. Tiger asks what we will do after leaving here, saying we have done a sin and even God can’t forgive us. In response, Shakti asks Balbira what you are saying. Tiger says we are sinners, I have realized this late and asks them to realize it too. Laali tells Balbira to keep quiet, if he doesn’t he will be beaten.

He prays that Khushi shall receive her real parents and family. Balbira asks him to stop. Tiger tells Laali that she is a much greater sinner than them. In response, Shakti threatens to beat him. Tiger apologizes to God. Laali says it suits you, but I will not apologize and take revenge on them. As she promises not to leave them, Balbira, Wilson, and Shakti decide to avenge themselves.

Pallavi, Dadi, and Shahana come to the PS and see Ranbir, Rhea, Prachi, and Akshay coming out. Pallavi says they are looking for Khushi. She says someone from the orphanage came to take Khushi. The nurse tells Meera that Khushi is resting now, and that she has to speak with the doctor. Meera says she will come tomorrow. Facebook ends. Prachi tells them what Balbira said about stealing her.

They sit in the car. Prachi thinks she won’t let Ranbir take Khushi. Ranbir promises to find a way to keep Khushi with them. He comes home. Vikram opens the door. Priya comes in. Vikram asks where she came from. Priya says she got flowers and kumkum for Dida’s pooja. She says she will keep Aryan’s stuff.

I will check Khushi, Vikram says. Aryan asks if Khushi is here. Vikram says I will tell you later. Priya tries to lift the trolley, and the kumkum plate falls from her hand. As he gets his charger, the waterfalls near the kumkum. Prachi comes with Ranbir and others. She steps on the Kumkum and walks inside leaving footprints. Prachi gets the water jug and pours water on her foot. Akshay asks what happened. Prachi says you said marks would be left.

Then she goes to the washroom and washes her feet. She then sees Shahana and tells her that she is fine. Shahana says that you are lying to me, and you believe that I will believe you. Her mother asks Prachi to be honest and not to act. She hugs her. Prachi says that her foot impressions were wiped with water. This made her feel as if she was doing something wrong.

There are a few things in destiny that cannot be changed. She tells that she will accept, and also that when there are two ways, then one destination is hard to reach. The past can’t come back. Khushi is my life now. Ranbir hears her and believes Khushi will stay with him. Khushi is your last memory; I will not let her go, even though you are far away.

Pallavi enters the room and asks why you are stressed. She asks if you are thinking about Prachi. Rhea gets upset thinking about Prachi wiping her footprints. Rhea recounts how she was upset when Prachi splashed water on her foot impressions after she married Ranbir. She says now I realize that she was right, but today she wiped her own.

Pallavi says Prachi is right now, at that time she was Ranbir’s wife and was entitled to Ranbir. She says today she stepped on Kumkum mistakenly, but I am glad she realized her error and corrected it immediately.

Ranbir enters Khushi’s room silently. Naina song plays in the background. She says we all have moved on, and you as well.

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