Faltu 13th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

In the episode, Kanika asks how the door opened. She looks around. She shuts the door and goes back to sleep. Faltu leaves. Ayaan sees someone and asks who it is. She hides. When Faltu picks up the vase, he asks who is there. She rushes to the kitchen and cuts the vegetables. Ayaan comes and removes the earplugs.

Faltu says she is trying to do something productive since she isn’t getting enough sleep. Ayaan says he thinks there is a thief in the house. Faltu calls him a coward. Ayaan catches her collar. She says everyone’s heart beats the same so go and sleep now. He says I’m not getting enough sleep. She asks why. He says no, you are young and don’t understand.

When she asks him to try, he says that he has a storm in his life, he is unable to save his precious thing, and he feels lonely. She gets sad. She says that she doesn’t understand. He says that he knew it. He leaves. The chawl guy tells her that we will have to go to the club to find Vishal, and she apologizes, but she can’t do anything. She calls the chawl guy and says we will have to go to the club to find Vishal.

As she reaches the club, she sees Vishal and hides. The guy says he won’t recognize you. She says yes, I forgot. She hears Vishal talking to his friend about her and calling her a liar. Vishal returns to the pub. Faltu follows him to the hospital. She tells him she will expose him now. He is staying at some hospital. We will follow him there. She waits outside. Vishal exits the pub. Faltu follows him.

The nurse asks Vishal’s friend to leave. She says we need to talk to Kanika. Vishal says don’t threaten me. The ward boy takes Vishal to the room. Faltu hides. She says we need to do something before Vishal causes a problem. She says I have to go home and prepare food, then I’ll finish work and come back, and then we’ll see what we should do. He asks how you will go alone.

Ayaan says Rocky will arrive soon. Janardhan asks why he left at this time. Kanika asks what the matter is. He says Rocky is missing, everyone is waiting for him. Dadi says we can’t even call him. Tanisha says we’ll explain to him when he arrives. Faltu gives tips to control high blood pressure.

Faltu says sorry, I thought you’d be bored with the same English breakfast, so I thought to make Gujarati breakfast for you. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll prepare it. In the kitchen Faltu says I got saved, I have to find some excuse to go in the afternoon. Sid comes and asks for coffee. Sumitra asks him to sit.

All of them get shocked when Faltu’s cricket video is shown. Kinshuk says Faltu is playing local matches in Mumbai. Faltu worries. Dadi says Faltu is in the video, but how did this video come into existence when Ayaan said she had returned to the village? Kanika worries.

Sid smiles at Sumitra. Sid says but she was removed from the academy, how is she playing a tournament when she was banned? Janardhan says we have nothing to do with her. Tanisha and Kanika look on. Tanisha thinks Faltu’s news isn’t impacting him, but how.

She says strange, he’s saying he has nothing to do. He calls and asks the man to find out about Faltu from Rajan by any means. Janardhan shouts Ayaan. Faltu says I’m getting breakfast.


In disguise as a ward boy, Faltu meets Vishal.

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