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The episode begins with Ayaan expressing his determination to fulfil Faltu’s dream. Janardhan questions how he plans to achieve it, reminding him that Faltu has been banned by the association, and he had advised her not to act in anger. However, Ayaan remains resolute, vowing to do whatever it takes. Janardhan advises Savita not to meddle in Ayaan’s life and reminds her of Faltu’s past contributions. He acknowledges how she stood by them, saved his mother and him, and even got Ayaan released from jail. He firmly states that he will not tolerate any negative remarks against Faltu.

Kaka intervenes, stopping Faltu from cutting the veggies, but she insists on doing the work to distract herself. Neil shares that they won’t be making a deal with the Mittals and discloses his plan to expand the business to compensate for the loss. Dada ji chuckles and Neil admits that he ruined everything and apologizes for embarrassing him once again. Dada ji remarks that he remembers the old Neil. Neil adds that Faltu and he share the same pain, to which Dada ji responds, “I told you.”

They share light-hearted jokes and laughter. Dada ji suggests not bothering Faltu and making her feel comfortable. Neil jokes that her expression will remain the same. Kaka mentions that Faltu is upset and not allowing him to work in the kitchen, adding that she got a cut on her finger. Neil assures that he will talk to Faltu about it. Dada ji advises against arguing with her and then leaves the scene.

Faltu’s deep love for her husband is evident in her eyes, and Kaka suggests that they should work together to support her.

Ayaan tries to make Faltu’s career. He requests the man to give Faltu a chance. The man ends the call. Ayaan throws the phone angrily and Tanu arrives. She says I’ll talk to Mukta and try to convince her to remove Faltu’s ban. Will Faltu take this favour? I don’t think she wants to maintain any relationship with her. He expresses remorse, stating that he will accept any punishment for his wrongdoing towards her, and then he leaves. Faltu’s anger intensifies.

Upon seeing Faltu, Neil tries to cheer her up by acting funny, and he successfully makes her smile. However, they soon get into an argument. Neil agrees with her that Ayaan is ill-mannered, and he advises her not to stay with him. Despite the teasing, Neil insists that he deeply cares for Dada ji and wants Faltu to accompany him to a party just to make Dada ji happy, without expecting any thanks in return. He jokingly tells her to get lost, to which she responds by telling him to stop, as she is not interested. He playfully calls her ill-mannered. Dada ji observes the situation and questions whether Neil was there to convince Faltu or to spoil her mood.

If Faltu goes with me to the happening party, you won’t have to worry if I get drunk and fall. He winks at him. Dada ji says yes, go with him. Faltu asks why, stop him. He says to go to the party with him, he will relieve me. She says she wants to make me happy, sorry, she doesn’t want to go anywhere. Someone comes with a bouquet. Kaka asked who did sent this bouquet. The man said it was for Faltu Mittal. Dada ji said he thought it was sent by Ayaan. Neil confirms its sent by Ayaan.

Neil and Faltu observe Ayaan and Faltu’s photos. “I don’t want all this,” states Faltu. After that, Ayan enters wearing an apologetic t-shirt. Faltu says to Neil “We should go to a party tonight.” She then departs. Kinshuk is on the call. “Ayan has bought some flowers and asked me to make the payment,” he tells them, making them wonder why she got them. Sid thinks it’s a nice gesture from Ayaan for Faltu, but Tanu doesn’t approve of such childish behaviour. She says she will talk to Ayaan about it, and Sid questions why she is against them coming together. She replies that they have seen how badly Faltu has insulted him and she won’t come back. Sumitra chimes in at this point saying they had already started searching for a girl for Ayaan. Sid says Ayaan asked us not to touch this issue.

Kaka says Ayaan isn’t leaving, he’s standing outside, and he’s not taking food. Ask him to come in and sit; he will fall ill. Dada ji asks how do I call him, Faltu doesn’t understand. Faltu asks what. Dada ji says Ayaan is stubborn, he’s outside, call him in. She says no need, I’ll attend the party.

Neil asks her if she is ready for the party. He says I did not mention Satsang. She says I’ll wear my old clothes to the party. Sid and Kinshuk make a good plan. Tanu asks what’s going on. Sid says nothing, the boys talk. She says tell me the truth. They hear Sumitra talking about the girl. Tanu thinks I can’t let Ayaan become anyones. Sid asks them to stop it.

Savita says Sumitra, call her family, Ayaan will get remarried. Sid says we have to unite Ayaan and Faltu. Kinshuk calls Ayaan and gives an idea. Dada ji says Ayaan will fall ill, forgive him. Ayaan says let it be, if she doesn’t care, it’s okay, she hates me. She asks him to go home. He says I won’t go without her. Faltu asks Dada ji to make a decision. As Neil and Faltu leave, Neil says she is right, if someone stands outside our house, he is not our problem.


Ayaan is cared for by Faltu. She says you think I’ll forgive you? He says tell me what to do. She gets scared of thunder and hugs him.

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