Faltu 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

As Ayaan reaches the airport, he ponders about Faltu’s family’s accusations and how he promised to be there for her match.

In the guestroom, Kaki finds Faltu getting ready for the mehndi ceremony, but she’s nowhere to be found. She comes out disguised as Anmol and leaves for the cricket tournament. Pratap tells Kaki that Faltu is getting ready in the guestroom.

While Pappy is dressed as a groom, Kaki is shocked to see him and asks if it isn’t too early for the Barat. They welcome him in. Charan is upset by seeing Pappi. Pappi asks Charan where his future wife is. When Kaki tells him she is getting ready, her mother gets her.

When Papa sees Faltu disguised as Anmol, she stops her. Pratap changes the subject by calling him Jiju. They reach the ground but are scolded by the coach for being late. Faltu’s mother informs everyone that Faltu has disappeared. Pappi is furious and warns Charan that if he doesn’t marry Faltu, he will arrest him.

Faltu is missing from the house and there is a lot of chaos because of it, according to someone calling Ayaan. He tells the man to do as he told him to. Su informs Ayaan that their flight has been delayed by two hours, while Ayaan hopes Faltu won the match without his help.

Charan supports Faltu and returns it to Pappi after Pappi drags him to the panchayat and threatens to arrest him.

Faltu is missing from the house. Pappi asks his goons to look for her. Faltu plays in the tournament as Anmol. Pappi confronts her and removes her helmet to reveal her identity.

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