Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th January 2023 written episode update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th January 2023

As a result of her previous jewellery design work, Sahiba’s client Gill offers her money. Sahiba thanks him and says she needed money desperately. Gill wants to know if new designs are ready. Sahiba gives him them. The client likes the designs and thinks she doesn’t know how talented she is. Kiara calls him and asks him to send her new designs immediately from the same artist. He agrees and demands more money.

Sahiba sets her designs at 10000 rs and asked him to send pictures right away. He snapped them, explaining his difficulty in seeing properly. She suggested he pay more for the designs and he declined, saying he needs to put in effort on her unfinished ones. Understanding his intention, she refused to sell them to him. He proposed 1500 rs per design, but Sahiba would not accept anything less than 2000 rs. Eventually, he concurred, knowing that he would make 8000 rs a piece before sending them to Aaliya.

Aaliya approaches Angad, proud of her designs and he can sense their quality from her joy. He encourages her to never settle for less than her best when it comes to her projects. She presents them to him and expresses that she was hoping for this result. She envisions being the head designer for Brar jewellers in the near future. Soon after, Prabjot arrives to announce that Seerat’s parents were about to come for a meeting, as Gurleen and Manveer had already gotten busy with preparations. Angad remarks that he was planning an afternoon date with Seerat.

Prabjot feels elated and inquires Veer whether he has acquired a present for Seerat. Veer informs him that he has already opted for the finest diamond ring available in their store. Garry inspects the ring, is spellbound by its beauty and playfully deceives Angad into believing that girls prefer honesty over diamonds. As anticipated, Angad gets tricked and questions what else he should give her. Garry suggests flowers while secretly pocketing the diamond ring – unaware that diamonds are a girl’s closest companions; Seerat would be delighted if Angad presented her with the sparkling gem.

Seerat gets ready for her date with Angad, and Taiji compliments her beauty. Keerat insists on accompanying Seerat, saying it’s Sahiba’s orders to protect her – even though Seerat hesitates, she yields to Keerat’s persistence. Then Angad visits Inder who wishes him luck on his new journey in life and gives him a watch as an emotional gift. Manveer is pleased to see the father-son bonding. Santosh arrives at the Brar mansion with gifts in style, where the guard apologizes for his previous rudeness before she enters and begins with her rich actress persona.

After Garry’s goons surround Seerat, Keerat fights with them and gets injured, and Sahiba becomes worried for Keerat. Sahiba asks where Angad was. Keerat says Angad didn’t come at all. Sahiba decides to discipline Angad.

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