Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2023 Written Update on

In the episode, Manish asks you where you went. Suvarna asks Abhinav where he found Abhir. Kairav asks where he is. Abhir says you know what happened. Akshara says nothing, we didn’t wish him, so he was upset. As he says, you all forgot my birthday, but Doc Man didn’t, he gave me a special party on my birthday.

Abhir says it was good, Abhimanyu danced with cartoon characters and gave me a gift. Surekha taunts. Kairav asks how he can take Abhir without asking us. Akshara stops Abhinav. Abhir apologizes and says it was my mistake. Ruhi asks why he didn’t tell me.

However, Abhimanyu was also unaware of our surprise; Abhir enjoyed it since Abhimanyu is also a family member. When Abhinav says that he should have come here and celebrated with everyone, he wonders why he took Abhir without telling us. Suvarna says, “Forget it, Abhir’s back, Muskaan get him ready”. Abhimanyu recalls the words of Abhinav and Akshara.

He asks if are they right and if am I not seeing anything. He thinks everyone can see Mum’s love and Dad’s adamancy today. Abhir loves the cake. Manjiri says he doesn’t understand why Abhimanyu is doing this. Abhir wishes him well and eats kachoris and kheer.

Everyone sings. Abhir cuts the cake. He feeds it to Akshara. Akshara blesses him. He turns to Abhinav. Ruhi says Poppy has arrived. Abhir says doc man and runs to hug Abhimanyu. Everyone watches as Surekha says strange, he ran to his doc man after leaving his dad.

Abhir offers Abhinav a piece of cake. Akshara holds Abhinav’s hand. Abhir says sorry Doc man, this cake is for Papa. Abhinav cries. Abhir says we should feed Mom and Dad first. Abhinav and Akshara smile. Abhir runs to Abhinav. Abhinav cries and hugs Abhir.

He feeds the cake. Akshara wards off their bad sight. Abhinav says Happy Birthday. Abhinav feeds him the cake. Abhir says sorry, Dad got me. He forgot to get your gifts.

Abhimanyu says it’s okay, even if everyone forgets, I won’t. Manjiri asks Ruhi, come, we’ll go home. Ruhi says, “I just came.” Abhir says stay back for my sake. Aarohi says we have a lot of work to do. He says it’s fine. Manjiri says yes, we’re going, we got you a birthday gift.”

Abhir sees Akshara. She nods. He takes it and sees the gold coin. He greets Manjiri. She blesses him. Abhimanyu gets happy. Abhinav signs Abhir about the return gifts. Abhir gives the return gifts. If she hadn’t given it, would you not be giving it? Abhimanyu looks at Abhir. Manjiri holds Abhi’s hand and takes him.

In this episode, Aarohi scolds Ruhi. Ruhi gets upset and leaves. Aarohi asks why is my life complicated. Kairav asks why is Abhimanyu doing this. Muskaan asks did he know that Abhir is his… He replies no, you don’t know him, if he did he would have got the sky on his head.

While Surekha remarks that Abhimanyu is neither a doctor nor a father, Manish admits his deep emotional attachment to Abhir. However, Manjiri disapproves of this sentiment and advises Abhimanyu against it. She proceeds to explain her reasons to him. Abhimanyu agrees with his mother, saying, “Mum is right. I have already attained immense happiness by having Abhir, and I must maintain composure until the surgery is completed.”

Akshara says you must keep your patience, we must take Abhir with us and fight Abhimanyu. Manjiri massages Aarohi’s head and says even a heartache goes away when a mum caresses her child.

Manjiri states, “Your perception stems from your own fears, Aarohi. I don’t wish to become the old Aarohi; I aspire to become a better person. It pains me to witness Abhir and Abhimanyu together because I feel inadequate. Ruhi yearns for a blissful family, and Aarohi expresses her concern for her.”

You are Abhi’s fiancée, and you have a right on Abhimanyu. I am also afraid, I’m with you, and we’ll explain to Abhimanyu to stay away from Abhir.


Akshara says no way, he wants to take him to summer camp. They see Abhimanyu at the camp. Aarohi disagrees with Akshara.

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