Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2023 Written Episode: A Mother’s Sacrifice, A Daughter’s Plight, and Unexpected Twists

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Police arrive, and Yuvraj and his goons flee. Armaan says we must take Mam to the hospital. Manish feels tense and wonders what’s going on. The inspector asks the staff to catch Yuvraj. Akshara is taken to the hospital by Armaan and Abhira. Armaan argues with the doctor and asks him to get going. The doctor asks Akshara what happened. Abhira tells her she got shot. Abhira cries.

What is the right of Armaan to explain you to you? He prays in the temple. He thinks Akshara Mam taught him the difference between right and wrong. Manish prays for her. He says everything is fine; why do I feel like someone dear is in danger? Akshara recalls Abhira and Manish. She regains consciousness. Even though she knows no medicine will save her, she asks for a phone. She calls Manish.

Her voice shocks Manish. He drops the glass of water. He remembers Akshara. She says the incident is still a wall between us, and I am still speaking to you after years. Ruhi arrives. Akshara hears her voice over the phone. She asks what happened. Manish says don’t come here, the glass will break. She asks who she is talking to, and Manish says no one, so maybe the number is wrong.

Seeing Abhira will melt Manish’s anger, Akshara thinks I need to tell him about her. Ruhi says fine, stay here. I’ll get the cleaner. She leaves. Akshara says I have something important to tell you. He says I don’t want to hear anything; you are dead for us. Akshara is shocked. He scolds her and says don’t call again. She asks him to take her name. He refuses and ends the call.

She recalls Yuvraj and Abhira, who were brought to her mind by recent events. The doctor’s words of reassurance bring some comfort. Armaan catches a glimpse of Abhira, causing his heart to race. Meanwhile, Akshara sends a prayer to Kanha ji, asking for someone to watch over her daughter in this time of need. She worries that Yuvraj won’t leave her alone without proper care. She glances around the room and spots Armaan and Abhira together again. Trying to offer support, Armaan encourages her to stay strong and promises that their mother will recover. However, Abhira pushes him away angrily, accusing him of causing their mother’s misfortune by getting in the way of her marriage plans. With tears in her eyes, she expresses fear of losing her only parent if anything were to happen to their mother because of him. As tension rises, they suddenly spot Yuvraj and his gang approaching. To protect Abhira from danger, Armaan quickly hides her from view.

Abhira pleads to be let go, but Armaan refuses. As Yuvraj searches for her, he gets into an argument with a nurse. Meanwhile, Armaan ties Abhira’s hands and gags her. He then instructs her to sit down and ties her feet as well. In a quick move, Armaan disguises himself as a doctor and misleads Yuvraj, who eventually leaves with his companions. Later, Armaan apologizes to the nurse and explains that he has no choice. He unties Abhira and helps her up as she cries for her mother.

Suwarna wakes up and asks what you are saying. Armaan asks how the surgery went. The doctor says we have removed the bullet, but the internal bleeding isn’t stopping, so only a miracle can save her. Abhira holds Akshara’s hand and cries. Armaan watches and cries. Suwarna talks to Manish about Ruhi’s marriage. She says Ruhi’s happiness will always come first; we made a big sacrifice, and when I see her smile, I know we did the right thing.


Armaan marries Abhira. Ruhi marries Rohit. Akshara says marry my Abhira and save her life.

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