Jhanak 1st December 2023 Written Episode: Urvashi’s Tragic Demise and Tejas’s Sinister Plans Unfold

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In this episode, Jhanak begs the doctor to save Urvashi. Anirudh tells her to keep her calm and strong. Bharat tells everyone about it. Dadi says yes, she is right, don’t go to her village, everyone’s waiting there. Bharat says I’ll talk to Tejas, he’ll handle her, if he doesn’t marry her, we’ll have to take care of her. As Urvashi cries, Anirudh finds a letter that has fallen there. He keeps it.

Dadi inquires about the reason behind Urvashi’s suicide, possibly due to some untoward incident. Bharat assures that nothing happened and expresses his reluctance to divulge this news to Anirudh. Kaushaly voices her concern about avoiding any legal case. Bharat reassures her by stating his faith in Tejas’ ability to handle everything, and then he calls him. He elaborates on the situation to Tejas, who asks for specifics. Meanwhile, in Kolkata, Arshi reaches out to Anirudh and expresses her anxiety while preparing for an upcoming event. Amid their conversation, a girl asks if he has any feelings for a Kashmiri girl.

Arshi’s happy expression falls as she shakes her head, declining whatever Jhanak has suggested. “I told you to trust me once,” Jhanak says, exasperated. “Why did you even come here?” Just then, the police arrive at the scene. A man speaks up, revealing that Urvashi had returned from her brother’s home late at night. The woman beside him adds, “We don’t know what happened there.” The couple goes on to complain about Bharat’s family and demand justice for how they allegedly mistreated Urvashi. The inspector intervenes, instructing everyone to calm down and promising justice for the victim. He then asks a constable to search for a possible suicide note. Tejas suddenly arrives and inquires about the commotion, to which the inspector responds that it’s a suicide case. Tejas notes that they must have the last rites done by evening. However, his attention is diverted as Anirudh sees him and questions his presence there.

Tejas says I am a social worker, and I came to help. His man tells him. Tejas says you are Bharat’s son-in-law, so what are you doing here? Anirudh says help. Tejas says you are a tourist here, have fun, and go back. He warns Anirudh. When they become your relatives, Tejas says come to help, keep a safe distance. Jhanak turns and sees Tejas. She asks the Inspector to remove him from her house.

She is in shock, Tejas says. Anirudh signs the inspector. Tejas says I want the body today. Her soul should get peace. The inspector says sure. Tejas says don’t worry, Jhanak, the police will take you to the government home. The inspector says yes, she is now an orphan. Tejas scolds Jhanak.

The ward boys take Urvashi’s body. Tejas says you’re in sorrow. He asks the inspector to take the body. Jhanak shouts and cries. Anirudh cries, seeing her. Tejas says I will come back soon, take care of Jhanak until then, does Bharat know you’re here? Anirudh asks why he should know. Tejas says you told him that you are his relative. Tejas says the marriage has not yet taken place. He goes. Jhanak cries. Anirudh comforts her.

I have to do Urvashi’s last rites today, so Tejas calls Bharat and says you didn’t mention Anirudh was here to take care of Jhanak, I’m getting married tomorrow, come and do her kanyadaan. In response to Bharat’s question, Tejas says I don’t know what Anirudh is doing there, keep them away. He leaves. Bharat says if Jhanak finds out about her marriage, she will rebel. Tejas says I know how to calm down rebellions. He leaves.

Arshi leaves a message for Anirudh. The villagers discuss Jhanak with him. The man informs Anirudh about Tejas, describing him as a corrupt individual who has harmed many girls and even caused death. He expresses the village’s inability to confront Tejas and urges Anirudh to intervene. The man also adds that Tejas has ulterior motives for being here. Anirudh sympathizes, wondering how he can protect Jhanak, suggesting taking her to Bharat’s place. However, the man reminds Anirudh that Urvashi committed suicide because of Bharat and asks if he can take Jhanak with him to the city. However, Anirudh rejects this idea, considering it not feasible to bring her to Kolkata.

As Arshi dances to the tune of Barson re megha, Shrishti smiles in approval. Meanwhile, Urvashi’s last rites have been completed. Jhanak cannot hold back her tears as she remembers Urvashi’s last wishes. Tejas reveals that Urvashi had arranged their marriage, and Bharat confirms it by offering to do the kanyadaan on her behalf. With Urvashi no longer alive, Tejas takes on the responsibility of taking Jhanak along with him in their upcoming wedding tomorrow. The inspector approves and even receives an invitation from Tejas to attend the ceremony. Soon after, Jhanak immerses Urvashi’s ashes in the river when Tejas joins her. He assures her that even if there is no one else to take care of her, the government will step in and provide for her at a shelter home. He kindly requests Jhanak’s cooperation and willingness to accompany him.


Anirudh asks Jhanak to eat. She refuses. He says he won’t even have it. She asks why. Tejas asks pandit to prepare. Jhanak gets kidnapped. Rahul says Tejas will forcefully marry her.

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