Jhanak 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh’s Life Hangs in the Balance

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The Episode begins with Jhanak voicing her concern about Tejas being dangerous and carrying a gun. She insists on him being sent away and reveals his threat to kill her. Tejas responds, questioning her actions, and is reprimanded by her. Meanwhile, Anirudh receives treatment while Bablu arrives by bus. Tanuja updates him on the situation, expressing their fear of bad news. Displeased with everyone’s behavior, she scolds them. Arshi wishes to see Anirudh and blames Jhanak for the chaos. Vinayak suggests consulting the doctors, while Tanuja accuses Chotan of betraying their family again. Chotan defends himself but is stopped by Tanuja, who reminds him of his actions. The Inspector then questions Tejas about registering his marriage in court, to which he responds that they had a traditional wedding and presents pictures as proof.

In Jhanak’s opinion, there is no visible face, it’s not me, he’s lying, he tried to force me into marriage. I ran away, and a good man helped me. Please help me. She says, “Take me to the police station, please.” If she files a complaint against you, you will be in trouble, so what would you like to do? Tejas claims she’s my wife. The inspector scolds him. He asks Tejas to leave.

He tells Arshi to talk to the doctor. Tejas says I can’t leave my wife. Jhanak says I’m not his wife. He’s not my husband. Everyone scolds Chotan. Shrishti says you don’t know medical terms. Chotan asks if illiterate people can’t go to a doctor and speak to him, do only literate people have the right to go to a doctor, you go and talk to him? Bablu asks Shubh to come.

She calls the doctor and asks them to wait. Shhubh says I’ll manage. They ask the receptionist about Anirudh’s doctor. The inspector asks how your husband let you go. Jhanak says take me away, and I’ll tell you everything; Tejas can kill anyone with that gun. The inspector asks Tejas to give the gun. Tejas gives it. The inspector asks for a license. Tejas argues with him.

He says there won’t be anyone to save Jhanak, you got involved in our matter, I can prove our marriage, and he leaves. He leaves. Jhanak thanks the inspector. She goes with the police. Anirudh’s injuries are serious. We have to perform a complex surgery. You have to sign a bond. The doctor says he has a damaged neck bone, but there are chances of a successful operation. Any delay can lead to his death. Everyone is shocked.

Jhanak talks to the inspector. She says Anirudh helped me. The inspector asks her husband’s name. She says Anirudh Bose. The doctor asks them to make a decision quickly. Shubh says he will sign. Arshi cries. Vinayak and Shrishti console her. Shrishti says yes, we’ll go and pray for Anirudh.

The inspector asks Jhanak where she is going. She says Srinagar. She wonders what to say. She says yes, we fought. He says Tejas was trying to kidnap you. He says you should file a case. She says he is dangerous. He says he will run away. She says I don’t want to file a case. Tanuja asks the doctor to save her son. He says fine, you can go home now.

Shubh signs the bond. Arshi asks if Anirudh will meet me. Shrishti says I told you, Jhanak is unlucky. Anirudh was going after her, so I’m wondering whether to do or not to do this marriage. Shubh tells everyone to let Anirudh recover and come home. The nurse says we need two bottles of blood. Arshi asks how he’s doing. The nurse says it’s critical to arrange blood fast. Chotan and Bablu rush. Lal says we don’t have an O-negative blood group. Jhanak thinks of reaching Anirudh soon.


Jhanak says I can donate blood to Anirudh. Shrishti says you won’t give blood.

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