Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Tashu’s Wedding, Monisha’s Schemes Unfold

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Tashu and KK get down the stairs to marry in this episode. Pandit ji welcomes them and asks them to sit at their places. They sit at their places. Pandit ji asks them to greet the God. Amar Dayal gets upset. Pandit ji asks Tashu and KK to stand up for the garland ceremony. He asks Tashu and KK to put on the garland.

Ranbir/KK reminisces about his wedding with Prachi, placing a garland around her neck. The priest instructs them to take a seat while Poorvi quietly walks away. RV notices her leaving and approaches her, questioning if she is upset by the rumors that they are falling in love. Poorvi requests that he maintain some distance between them. RV reassures her that he will keep his distance but worries that Dadi might object to their relationship and teases if she hopes for another honeymoon with him. Poorvi warns him not to anger her. Monisha overhears their conversation and becomes agitated. RV leaves, still grinning. Vaishali spots Monisha and encourages her to come along. RV departs from the scene with a smile on his face.

Monisha looks back on their conversation, walks up to RV, and asks what happened. She mentions that she saw him getting intimate with Poorvi and wonders what was going on. RV explains that he wanted to introduce his sister to her and finds pleasure in seeing her react angrily. Monisha is relieved that he found peace but can’t help but feel neglected since they arrived at this place. She points out that he has been glued to Poorvi’s side and refuses to leave her even for a moment. Her concerns take RV back and remind her that Poorvi is his wife and shouldn’t be an issue. He questions why Monisha doesn’t trust him, and she embraces him, admitting that she trusts him but not Poorvi. RV demands that she decide whether she will support him before they continue the conversation.

Amar Dayal says that this marriage won’t happen. The guard tells us we’ll kidnap her. Amar Dayal says that he doesn’t want the girl to marry because people will think that his father forced her to marry. She will return home after 15 days. RV asks Khushi to stay away from her sister when she comes to her.

He asks why he is feeling angry and pain, and he tells him he wants the same anger and frustration on her face, and he feels really good. Armaan comes there and asks what’s going on. RV says that your wife told us that we are an ideal couple. Khushi says yes, but marriages are complicated. She tells Armaan she’s not talking about them. RV asks if she’s talking about him and Poorvi.

Khushi tells RV that he has a misunderstanding about his marriage being ideal. Armaan asks RV for tips on how to be a perfect couple. RV says that each couple is different. Armaan says I want to tip you and don’t interfere with Khushi’s work. It happens when money is everything. You earn money and don’t have time to interfere. RV goes. Armaan asks Khushi what happened? Khushi asks why he advised him and asks for a tip. She gets upset.

Monisha plots against Poorvi and informs Deepika that not even KK can save her, given that he is occupied at the mandap. Meanwhile, Armaan’s comment about the lackluster marriage ceremony catches Diya’s attention. She suggests to Khushi that they should spice things up. Harleen offers her assistance, but Khushi declines. Just as Monisha spots Poorvi approaching, she trips her on purpose. Ranbir attempts to leave the mandap to help Poorvi, but Tashu intervenes and reminds him that he cannot leave until the marriage is complete. Diya and Khushi rush to Poorvi’s aid and take her away. Harleen notices Monisha’s smirk and invites them over.

Diya tells Poorvi that Monisha intentionally made her fall. Poorvi asks why she is going to do it and tells Mummy ji, Dadu, and Dadi they won’t keep quiet if she did it intentionally. Khushi thinks of RV’s words. Poorvi asks what happened. Khushi says she’s happy for Diya but thinks she can’t reveal the truth until Diya’s marriage.

As Harleen asks Deepika since she was married to Vikrant, she replies that it has been a long time. Monisha asks Deepika, what did you do to upset Aunty? Harleen asks Monisha to leave and says she knows she has made Poorvi fall.


Harleen refers to Poorvi as her bahu, and she feels as though Poorvi is ruining her respect, so she cares for her respect. She tells Khushi that RV is her lucky life partner. Khushi says she’s happy for her. RV hears them. In her hand, Monisha holds poison, saying such things will happen to you that you would never have predicted.

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