Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kaatiyani comes to Khushi and hits her with the stick on her leg. Khushi coughs and runs again. Kaatiyani comes after her, perhaps pretending to be blind. Khushi cries and hides behind the car. She throws stones to distract her. Kaatiyani throws the stick on her legs, making her fall down. She makes Khushi unconscious using chloroform. She takes the cart and keeps Khushi on it and leaves.

We will buy some guns and then drop Khushi at Willson’s place. Balbira says we will buy some guns and then drop Khushi at Willson’s place. Eventually, the goon says he’ll get his weapon and asks Balbira what will happen if the guy Khushi had talked to comes. Balbira tells him to come.

In the car, Akshay tells Rhea that Prachi might have found out about Khushi’s location by now, so they need to reach Prachi before Veera arrives. He says he called me Inspector, and it appears that he is angry with Prachi. Rhea tells him it is a haveli near the railway track. Shakti, Tiger and Balbira come to the haveli. Kaatiyani tells them she was trying to elope, but they caught her.

Kaatiyani asks Balbira to take Khushi. Tiger asks Balbira to take her in the van as the plate is changed. They leave. Kaatiyani feels someone is coming. Prachi and Ranbir come there. The goon takes the Rampuri knife from the other goon and asks him to stay there and let him know if anyone comes here. He goes inside. While the chloroform falls down, Prachi and Ranbir make the goon and hide him in the car deck.

Kaatiyani feels someone coming. Balbira and others return. Kaatiyani asks why they returned. He says he came to get the keys. She says the weather will change, go quickly. Balbira goes with Tiger and Shakti. Ranbir asks Kaatiyani if she saw a little girl here. Kaatiyani says she couldn’t see because she is blind. Ranbir asks who you are. Kaatiyani says she is the mother of the caretaker.

She says we might have come to the wrong haveli. Ranbir asks if you saw my son Chintu. Ranbir says I thought he was a kidnapper and tied his hand. He says he will bring him and apologizes. He leaves. Prachi says she’s my daughter, and Kaatiyani asks if she’s really yours. In the parking lot, Akshay and Rhea find Ranbir’s car. Rhea tells Akshay. Akshay says we will search for Ranbir. They hear a noise and open the deck of the car. Rhea wonders if the guy was helping Ranbir.

He is conscious. Akshay asks if he is Ranbir’s friend, and says they are also Ranbir’s friends. The goon lies and says Ranbir is inside. They follow him. As Balbira and his goons are about to take Khushi in the car, a police team arrives. Balbira and his goons hide. He recalls that the van is behind them with a new number plate. The inspector says we should go inside the van.

Balbira says we must wait for them to return. Ranbir finds the goon’s car missing and even his car missing. He thinks it might be the wrong place.

In an attempt to find out if you are her real mother, Kaatiyani asks Prachi to tell her.

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