Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ashwini notices Pakhi’s crying and prays to fill his life with happiness. Karishma thanked Sai for helping her and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Sai says she didn’t help because she’s a Chavan and would help any woman, since she also experienced the loss of a child. Virat thinks their Vinu is alive. Sai notices Anandi’s message on Virat’s phone that she thinks Sai got doubtful and tried to get information from her.

Virat and Anandi are hiding something for sure, and Usha needs to find out what. They reach Sai’s house. Usha asks what happened to Karishma. Sai says she’ll inform her later. Virat thanks her for helping Karishma and apologizes for his family’s misbehaviour, promising to help her whenever she needs it.

Then Sai suggests he should perform Vinu’s punya tithi/death anniversary pooja with her. Virat refuses and leaves. Sai gets worried and calls Jagtap. Pakhi says she came to take her clothes and asks Virat to continue his call. Virat tells her that he got her message, and everything is fine. Pakhi, he was supporting Sai when she was stuck in the bus, and now that she cannot bear a child, he is still supporting her and crying.

It appears Pakhi is still misunderstood by Virat. She continues her confrontation and asks him to explain why he was hugging Sai. Sai meets Jagtap and asks her to get Vinu’s information from Bal Anath Ashram. After joking for some time, he says his friend is a peon at Bal Anath Ashram and can provide Vinu’s information. As Virat tells Pakhi that he can’t tell her, Pakhi says that he is not loyal to him and she can’t even expect friendship from him.

It is disheartening for Virat. Jagtap takes Sai to meet Vada Pav. Sai shows Virat’s photo and asks if he visits the ashram. Vada Pav says Virat visits often, and when he met Anandi, Anan asked to bring Vinayak’s belongings and cried holding Vinayak’s sweater. Vada Pav confirms this is Vinayak’s sweater, and Sai is disheartened thinking why he lie. When she returns home, she sees Karishma sad and shares her emotional turmoil with her.

Sai sees Virat laughing with Vinu and assumes that Virat is hiding her son’s truth, but she doesn’t know where her son is, but she knows he is alive, and she will get his information from Virat soon.

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