Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi has informed her family that she made one request to Samrudh’s family, which unfortunately they are unwilling to fulfill. During her visit to their house today, she overheard Samrudh’s father mentioning that he expects a grandchild within the first year of marriage. Furthermore, Savi’s mother added that once she joins their household, Savi will have no chance to continue her studies. Her parents also expressed concerns about how they mainly seek someone to serve them rather than a daughter-in-law. Vinu inquires why they specifically chose Savi among numerous girls from Ramtek while trying to deceive her.

Savi expresses uncertainty about her future marriage plans, prompting Bhavani to demand that she stop talking. As Durva and Avni gather at the Bhosale house, they can’t help but feel uneasy about the upcoming meeting and are afraid of Rao Saheb’s potential reprimands for connecting Ishan with Riva. Just as Shikha arrives home, they anticipate Rao Saheb’s anger towards her. Meanwhile, Surekha belittles Shikha for visiting her parents twice in 6 months due to her mother’s illness and warns her to focus on her in-laws instead. She then instructs Shikha to assist Asmita in the kitchen.

Bhavani yells at Savi to shut up and says she will be married in that house itself, they are intelligent people to decide to stop her studies after marriage, but she should have also controlled Sai and stopped her from continuing to study. Sai warns her not to curse Sai for her failure, Sai has worked hard even after Bhavani’s opposition and has made a name for herself. Bhavani is jealous of Sai’s success and curses her all the time.

Bhavani shouts that their condition is because of Sai, Virat adored him immensely and she controlled his mind and life. Whatever she says, Savi says she won’t marry in that house. Bhavani challenges her that she will marry her there as well. Ashwini asks them to stop fighting and takes Bhavani into a room to speak. Harini calms Ninad down. He gets short of breath.

As Shikha enters the kitchen, she touches Asmita’s feet and begins to cry. Asmita offers her comfort, having heard everything, and advises her not to worry about it since this was inevitable upon returning home. Shikha smiles and inquires about the special dishes being prepared. Asmita explains that she overheard Anvi and Durva discussing Ishan and Riva’s relationship, speculating that Rao Saheb may want to discuss it as well. Asmita prays to god for protection against Rao Saheb’s potential anger. Meanwhile, Ashwini confides in Bhavani, stating her belief that relationships built on lies are destined to fail.

As Riva walks to the living room with Ishan, she notices his family sitting tensely and inquires about what is happening. Ishan explains that whenever Rao Saheb has an important discussion or decision to make, he gathers the family in the living room. Curious, Riva asks why she was included in this gathering. Just then, Swanand and Swati enter, bringing a smile to Riva’s face as she sees her parents. Surekha warmly welcomes them before leaving to call Rao Saheb. In the meantime, Savi leads Vinu to her room where she proudly displays their parents’ certifications and recognition in newspapers, expressing her desire to also follow in their footsteps and serve others.

She had high hopes for her brother, who disappointed her most; while Vinu is fulfilling all his dreams and studying further, his brother is preventing her from studying further. Rao Saheb meets Swanand and seeks Riva’s hand for Ishan after a long suspense and drama. Everyone looks stunned. Vinu says he doesn’t want her to become like their parents.


Ashwini suggests Savi elope. Riva confronts Ishan for hiding truth from him and tears their wedding card up. Bhavani asks Savi to forget studies and concentrate on marriage since she plans to have a grandson within a year. Her wedding card is also torn by Savi.


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