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The Episode begins with Indu informing Payal that Bindiya and Krish will be staying at her house. This startles Payal, causing her to drop her glass. Indu reassures her by saying she will send someone to clean it up. Meanwhile, Bindiya asks Dadi how they will get to the house, to which Dadi replies that Vimla’s house is close by. As Payal ponders on what to do next, she decides to call Rose for help. After reaching Rose on the phone, Payal inquires if Bindiya and Jiju are present there. Rose confirms this and reveals that they have already arrived at Vimla’s house where their wedding night will take place due to Mummy and Dadi’s arrangement, as a result of the previous night’s incident involving Payal. Displeased by this news, Payal angrily hangs up the phone and vows not to let their wedding night happen.

Bindiya requests Krish to change his clothes, but he declines. Suddenly, the door opens on its own due to the wind. Bindiya quickly shuts it. Payal enters and attempts to leave quietly. Baldev notices her and questions how she managed to leave the room. Payal explains that she needs water. Baldev assures her that he will send someone to fetch some for her. Indu arrives and asks if their eyes are not functioning properly since there is a water jug in plain sight. Payal confesses that she didn’t notice it. Indu worries that both of her daughters-in-law have poor eyesight and wonders if they’ve passed it down to her son as well. She regrets not having requested a female staff member to stay back if she had known she would have to take care of them all night. Payal encourages her to go rest, but Indu insists on staying with her son’s wife because Baldev won’t allow her to sit alone. This causes concern for Payal as she worries about Bindiya’s safety with Krish in the other room.

Krish discovers his phone is off and starts sneezing. Bindiya inquires about his well-being, to which Krish confirms everything is alright. He then asks if she has spoken to Payal yet. Bindiya reassures him that she has indeed talked to her. Krish requests her to communicate with Payal once more and check on her pain level. Meanwhile, Payal receives a call from Bindiya and assures her not to worry. Indu interjects and offers their help in looking after Bindiya’s sister for the night. Bindiya declines, stating that she has no concerns and tells them to rest. She then notices Krish struggling with the charger, and steps in to help him. Suddenly, the lights go out, prompting Bindiya to fetch a candle. Shlok remarks that nothing can stop Bindiya from taking care of things.

Indu is sleeping when Rose tells dadi and Phoolmati that she has cut the light, so now they will unite. Payal finds Indu sleeping and goes and stops Krish, otherwise, I will not be able to stay. Sakshi and Vikram sit on the sofa when she comes out. After thinking about how to leave, she decides to go out the window and smiles.

Upon Bindiya’s request, Krish changes out of his wet clothes and into a fresh set. He expresses regret for not bringing extra clothes, stating that he could have been better prepared had he known they would be staying the night. As he helps Bindiya with her blouse, he remarks that it seems destined for her to stay in his care. She then suggests he wear her baba’s dhoti in place of his own clothes. While Bindiya goes off to do something else, Payal makes an unconventional entrance by jumping into a nearby trash bin from the balcony. Krish struggles to put on the dhoti, admitting that he is not used to wearing such clothing. Bindiya offers to help, tying it for him while he envisions Payal in her place. Bindiya gazes at him as she finishes tying the dhoti. Meanwhile, Payal is seen taking a ride in an auto rickshaw with one goal in mind: reaching Chirayya as fast as she can to prevent their wedding night from taking place.

Payal comes home to stop Bindiya and Krish. Dadi tells Bindiya that she cannot take Payal with her. Krish tells Payal that he will see who is able to stop him from taking her.

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