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Meet 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet is multitasking, washing dishes as Shlok starts his performance. However, the microphone suddenly fails. A female colleague suggests using dry coconut peels to clean the vessels, which results in Sumeet’s hands getting cut. Raj comes to her aid and bandages her wound. He then invites her to come with him, but she declines, determined to support her family in difficult times. Sumeet worries that accepting help might damage Shlok’s family’s self-respect. Despite the challenge, she persists with her work.

Raj becomes emotional, insisting on taking over the task himself. However, Sumeet promises and stands firm in her decision to handle it. Raj feels helpless, witnessing her struggle. Pankhuri suggests visiting Raj’s home and convincing Poonam to accept their support. Despite the pain, Sumeet remains determined to provide for her family. Rajiv assures Poonam and Dad that he will find a solution. Priyanka reprimands Pankhuri for underestimating their family, but Pankhuri redirects the blame onto her. Meanwhile, Shlok unexpectedly breaks into song on stage, surprising Sumeet.

Assumeet recalls Raunak’s concert, she thinks it is Wonderboy’s voice. However, since Raunak is in a mental hospital, she assumes recorded music is playing. Upon leaving the scene, Pankhuri expresses her frustration with the lack of luxuries and implies their marriage was a mistake.

When Sumeet realizes she forgot to bring sugar-free halwa for Dadi, she goes back to the venue to retrieve it. She asks the caterer for food and a small bottle of milk instead of money. Shlok’s performance continues, and Sumeet hears guests praising the singer. As she learns the song is live, she wonders who the singer is, since his voice sounds like Wonderboy’s.

In order to find out who the singer is, Sumeet approaches the stage and orders a waiter to place a mirror behind the singer, following the manager’s request. After seeing Shlok perform on stage, Sumeet is amazed. She extends a hand to Shlok and asks for his autograph, pretending to be his biggest fan. Shlok appears teary-eyed as she asks for his autograph.


Poonam asks where they can get 10 crores. Raj offers to provide the money. Sumeet tries to convince Poonam to accept the money, saying that it is for Shlok’s dream. Poonam agrees, but Shagun tears the cheque. Shlok and Sumeet are accused of causing her son’s imprisonment and she warns that they will soon be sent to jail.


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