Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 7th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 7th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana starts the episode by saying I didn’t know Mayank is married. She tells Mayank’s wife everything. Mayank lied to you, I know what you feel, and we can help many girls like Revati, and this has to stop. Reyansh thinks Aradhana left me. Mayank’s wife says I will call the police, you are making new stories, you want to trap my husband, Mayank told me everything about you, I am his wife. In his office, Reyansh throws things and breaks everything. The guard asks him to stop.

Pooja gets angry. Vikram stops her. Aradhana argues with Mayank’s wife. She says I have proof against Mayank. The lady says Revati is after him, she messages him, he doesn’t pay heed to her, you’re saying wrong things about him, I’ll contact the police, who will believe Aradhana after seeing her truth on TV. Guard calls Vikram and says Reyansh is breaking things here. Vikram asks what I should do, I can’t handle him.

Aradhana asks him to go if he wants. He says no, he doesn’t need anyone anymore. Reyansh screams. Aradhana says you believed him and gave him encouragement, I have proof against him. Pooja says she was saying anything. The girl says she thinks she left her ring there. Aradhana asks what Reyansh did, and I need my laptop for proof against Mayank, so she gets her ring and hears Mayank’s wife talking on the phone.

When Aradhana comes to her office, she sees the mess. She thinks I feel your pain, you love your pain, and I was wrong to think that my love would change you, that love couldn’t end your hatred and anger. A broken laptop appears to Aradhana. In her mind, Reyansh had ended every way I proved Mayank wrong. She removes the ring and keeps it there. Reyansh cries. Aradhana and Reyansh think about each other.

The board of directors decided it, so you send your resignation, you are done. Vivek is on call. He asks Reyansh to apologize to Aradhana. He says you made the staff your enemy, they refused to work with you, you are a fool, I’m your father and boss, and the board of directors decided it.

Jagruti asks Bhakti to call Aradhana back. Bhakti says no one thought of me. Jagruti says she’s also heartbroken like you are, so let her go, at least tell her where she’s going, and who her mother is, do it for humanity’s sake, she’s lonely. Her mother died, we don’t know. Jagruti asks about the letter from Dehradun. The letter was from a distant relative. She asks, is Aradhana’s mother dead? Bhakti nods. Jagruti leaves.

We will ask Mayank’s wife Nisha about him, Pooja says to Aradhana. Vikram says Pooja has become a big spy. She says that we have put a tracker on Nisha’s car; she will let us find Mayank. They follow Nisha. She stops the car and argues with Pooja and Vikram. She insults Aradhana. Aradhana says enough, your husband has committed a legal crime. She asks the people to see Aradhana. Aradhana weel.


As Reyansh lies on Kadambari’s lap, he tells him that he is in pain. Aradhana meets Bhakti. Vikram meets Mayank. Mayank tells the truth to Vikram.

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