Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kavya 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

It begins with Adhiraj giving Kavya Navya’s doctor’s coat. He says I got it dry cleaned, it belongs to Navya. Send it to your family with respect, they’ll be proud, and you’ll be back home on Diwali. She says yes, and then we’ll be assigned duties to different states. He says this is my farewell gift. He walks away. Shubh watch. Kavya tells Anusha to pack the doctor’s coat in a newspaper and keep it in my bag.

The packet with Kavya’s clothes is kept by Anusha. Payal places it on the floor. Anusha and Payal argue, Sanjeev picks it up and puts it in Adhiraj’s bag. Rajeev and everyone see the news. Giriraj is shocked at seeing the power reaching the hospital. Kavya gives the interview. Bhabhi says Kavya is nice, Adi’s choice is good. Omi asks her to stop talking.

Kavya recalls the assistance she received from Rajeev, as he contacts his superior to request temporary electricity for the hospital’s inauguration. The flashback concludes. She expresses her gratitude to the individual who facilitated the electricity, our state power minister Giriraj Pradhan. He not only provided us with power but also pledged to send four doctors and support us in setting up this hospital. Thank you, Giriraj ji, and we hope for a consistent supply of electricity as we inaugurate the hospital. We would be delighted if you could spare some time to visit us here.

Giriraj gets angry when Omi says this girl has trapped us. Malini comes smiling. Giriraj blames Omi. Reporters come home to ask if Giriraj will inaugurate the hospital. Adhiraj says wow Neta ji, Kavya has troubled you. Giriraj asks if you came here specifically for this purpose. My son says no, I’m here to ask for something. You’ll give us four doctors and 24/7 electricity, please give me this. Giriraj says I like you because you have an attitude like a good politician. He smiles at him.

A man asks Kavya if you have any confirmation, people are coming to see Giriraj. Kavya says no. She goes and gets shocked. Adhiraj laughs and jokes with her. Jaideep speaks with the media. He says I had come here with Basant Khedi with a motive, and we have accomplished much more than that, this hospital is going to start, and I want to give credit to Kavya Bansal. Everyone applauds.

Giriraj arrives there. He says it is a small journey of development in Basant Khedi, and I will turn it into Mumbai. Adhiraj says he can never change. Giriraj congratulates Kavya and says you have achieved my old dream. Kavya says thanks. Without your support, I could not have done this. He says I have done my work and I will do it. The hospital is not well received by some.

She makes him wear the garlands. He says I’ve done my work, now it’s your turn, run the hospital. She says yes, we hope to get your support. He says always. He speaks to the media. Mayank says he’s taking all credit. Giriraj says medical equipment and machines will arrive at the hospital by morning, women should also get the respect, I want Kavya to come on stage. He raises her hand. Your world will be shattered if I strike back, he thinks, because you made a big mistake.


Jaideep suspends Adhiraj from the academy after he sees Kavya with Adhiraj and Shubh. Shubh argues with Adhiraj.

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