Kavya 23rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi’s Arrest Shocks Everyone


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The episode begins with Giriraj blessing Alka. He expresses his happiness regarding her decision, stating that his grandson will now live with him in the same house. This news takes aback Alka. Soon after, Badi Amma and Anurag enter the scene, followed by Kavya and Sanjeev watching from afar. Badi Amma gifts Alka a pair of bangles while Sanjeev hangs back. Kavya pulls Adi aside and asks him why he mentioned Anurag’s name since she knows Alka has feelings for Sanjeev. Adi denies this, saying that he convinced Alka to accept Anurag’s proposal. Kavya insists there must be some misunderstanding and suggests they ask Alka for clarification.

Adi asks Alka to come along. When Giriraj asks what’s wrong, Kavya informs him that Alka wants to marry Sanjeev, not Anurag. Everyone becomes angry with Alka. She asks Alka to say it, saying she did not do anything wrong by loving Sanjeev. She likes Sanjeev. Alka gets scared, and Kavya asks them to get Alka’s permission.

Immediately, Giriraj scolds Kavya. Badi Amma says Alka is wrong. Adi says Alka should speak up. He asks Alka to tell him if she would like to marry Sanjeev. Alka cries and says no. Kavya says not to be scared, but tell him the truth: You like Sanjeev. Giriraj scolds Sanjeev. Adi stops him.

Advi asks Sanjeev to leave. Sanjeev says listen to me once. Anurag slaps him. He says no means no. Adi stops Anurag. Sanjeev tells Adi, listen to me. He asks him to leave. Sanjeev leaves. Adi says the party is over, sorry for the drama. Naina stumbles. They leave. Adi says I’ll drop you off.

Alka expresses her fear and apologizes, admitting to being afraid. Kavya questions whether Alka believes she cannot return home after marrying Sanjeev, who won’t prevent Omi from seeing his grandparents. She asks Alka to choose between living with Anurag or Sanjeev, urging her to find the courage within herself. Alka requests forgiveness, admitting she lacks the bravery to stand up against everyone. Kavya reassures her and suggests trusting herself to make the best decision for Omi’s future. She then asks Santu if Adi has arrived yet, but he responds that he hasn’t shown up in the past 3 hours.

A call comes to Kavya during the morning. She’s sleeping when the manager says, “I’m calling from the hotel. Do you know Adhiraj Pradhan?” She says yes, I’m his wife. He says he won’t open the door; he booked a room at our hotel. She says yes, I’m coming. When she arrived at the hotel, she saw Adi sleeping, and the room was messed up. Badi Amma says it affects a person after one hour. He asks if Naina is with you. She smiles. She says now I will ruin Giriraj and Adi’s existence. Kavya asks Adi to get up. She remembers Naina.

The manager says I’ll call a doctor for him. Kavya cries. She says no one should come here, and this matter shouldn’t go out. She asks Adi to get up and drink some water. Adi asks what happened. She says I want to ask you what happened. He asks where I am. She says you are in a hotel room. He wonders how I got here, so she answers. She gets up. He asks what’s going on. Did you call me here? She says no, listen to me. They argue and leave the hotel room.

After Kavya tells Adi about what happened, she scolds him. He says he is blank, and someone did something. She gets him water. He says he doesn’t want it. He drinks it. She gets him home. He stumbles. She says you don’t need me. They see the police. The inspector says we’re here to arrest Adi. Everyone is shocked.


A reporter asks Kavya a question. She replies, “I will support the truth.”.

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