Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 9th November 2023 Written Update


Kavya 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

A corruption case will be filed against Rajeev in the episode. Giriraj asks Omi to use the money against Rajeev. Omi says I already have the file against Rajeev. He jokes. Giriraj says we should send Rajeev to jail, and they should get the bribe money from his house. Omi laughs and claps. She says I really appreciate your thinking.

Think how this money will reach Rajeev’s house, says Giriraj. Omi takes the money. Rajeev greets a man. Kavya hears them talking about some work. The man leaves. She asks what are you doing, will you do it without any written order, rules are made for a reason. Rajeev says he is Joshi ji, I trust him, he said he would send the order, no worries, everything will work out, where is my gift?

Navya’s coat and stethoscope are shown to him. Suddenly, he cries and asks where the coat is. Kavya says, “I forgot it in the academy.” He says, “Okay, get it next time.” Adi sees the coat and says, “I won’t get it. You come get it.” Malini shows up and asks who you’re talking to. He says Kavya. He complains about Kavya. She invites him to coffee.

He claims that she has fooled you as well. While I am not sad, I am rather frustrated at her for hurting me. Malini suggests that it’s all in your heart. Kavya insists on finding Navya’s stethoscope, but I cannot go, so you will have to. Malini tries to comfort Adi and mentions how troubled he gets when he loses something dear to him – just like when he was sent to the hostel. Adi presents Navya’s coat as proof of his search. Malini scolds him for not returning it, reminding him of his responsibility. Soon after, Giriraj and Omi arrive with a solution for sending the gift to the Bansals. Kavya tells Mayank to inform them that he is her brother when he goes there. Later that night, Omi secretly enters Adi’s room and places money in Navya’s coat.

He asks him not to argue with Malini in the morning. Giriraj says he can’t have bitterness all day, so go, have a good day. Adi leaves. Kavya asks what, it is not in my room. The man says no. He asks if you are tense about the posting. She replies no, I’m excited. Giriraj asks if you have done it. Omi says yes. Giriraj laughs.

Rajeev mentions that he plans on taking Kavya out today. Anjali responds that Shubh may have already contacted her. Rajeev then states his intention to find a more suitable partner for Kavya. Anjali questions whether it is possible to simply forget all that has happened, as Shubh has apologized. Later, Adi arrives to see Kavya. She thinks to herself about him intruding in her thoughts and he follows her. She asks if he is truly present or just in her imagination. Adi confirms his presence but expresses his hurt over their friendship being destroyed due to his suspension from work. Kavya tells him firmly to leave, as she had no desire to meet or talk with him. Adi insists that he only came because of some unfinished business, which prompts a heated argument between them. Amidst this, Shubh chimes in and urges Adi to depart from their encounter.

Adi and Shubh argue. She asks them not to fight. Shubh pushes Adi. Adi pushes him back. They begin fighting. Adi’s bag falls away. He runs to get it. He sees the van leaving.


Adi is shocked when Kavya says my dad is in jail, but thanks to you and Giriraj, he will get released and celebrate Diwali at home.

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