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Meet 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet compliments Shlok, calling him the real wonderboy. Shlok denies it, saying he was only pretending. Sumeet reminds him of his previous admission and feels embarrassed for doubting him. However, Shlok sticks to his denial. Seeing a firecracker nearby, he urges Sumeet to move away, but she stands firm and demands the truth from him. After some resistance, Shlok finally confesses to being Wonderboy. As they both tumble down, they exchange loving looks at each other.

Shlok discloses the truth to Sumeet regarding a significant event that occurred 2.5 years ago. Rajiv, Shlok’s brother, had a major accident which led to Shagun providing financial assistance for their family. However, in exchange for her help, Shagun made Shlok sign a contract that required him to give up his singing voice to Raunak and never perform under his own name again. With no other options, Shlok was forced to sign the contract. He shares how this crushed his dream of becoming a singer. When questioned by Sumeet about why he kept this information hidden, Shlok explains that he can continue living without singing but couldn’t imagine life without Sumeet. Overcome with emotion, Sumeet embraces him and they both make their way back home together.

After arriving home, they break the lock and enter. Sumeet instructs everyone to come inside while Poonam wonders about how he managed to obtain the registry papers so late at night. Pankhuri suggests Raj might have helped, causing Anju to question why she accepted her brother’s assistance. However, Rajiv and dadi stand by Sumeet’s decision, while Pankhuri subtly reveals her plan for Shlok to move to Raj’s house soon. Poonam expresses frustration with Sumeet’s actions. He explains that Raj went out of his way to personally deliver the registry papers and despite initial reluctance, eventually convinced them that Shlok’s family is also their family. With Shlok’s support, they accepted the papers for the sake of their family’s well-being.

Upon entering, Shagun is on the phone, attempting to get Raunak released from the mental hospital. Sumeet and a group of men enter, playing the drums loudly. Shagun becomes angry and demands that they stop the noise. In her confession, she admits to orchestrating all of these problems to illustrate the challenges of living in poverty. As Sumeet continues to play the drum, she announces her intention to reveal the truth that will shock her. Shagun is blown away when she sees Shlok singing and refuses to believe it.

Shagun is furious and questions whether Shlok revealed this to Sumeet, as Sumeet clarifies that it’s not recorded songs, but Shlok’s own voice. She explains how Raunak is exploiting the wonderboy persona for fame. As a result of Shagun’s binding contract, Sumeet discloses he cannot do so.

Shagun laughs at Shlok’s misfortune for not gaining fame. However, Sumeet brings in Vani, who reveals that there’s a clause to break the contract. Shlok discloses that he needs to pay 10 crores, and Sumeet confidently assures that they’ll do it. Shagun mocks Shlok for seeking help from Sumeet’s brother. Sumeet playsfully places a sweet in Shagun’s mouth and asserts that her husband will become a sensation in the music industry soon.

The family is touched by Shlok’s revelation, but Poonam raises concerns about how they’ll raise the money. Raj arrives and offers to help. The family tries to convince Poonam to accept Raj’s help.


Upon entering, Shagun taunts everyone for being happy. Poonam hands her a cheque for ten crores and asks her to leave. Shagun tears it and says Shlok broke the contract, so this money is of no use. My son was in jail because of you two, so I’ll make sure you also go to jail.


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