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It’s Seerat’s job to take juice for Angad and says Manveer sent her last night to see if he had food or not, but she saw him sleeping tired, so she didn’t wake him up. His return home makes him very happy, and he gifted her a necklace for her act. As a result of Manveer’s love and concern for him, she comforted him and supported him.

Angad thanks her for supporting his mamma. She asks where he is going. He says Ludhiana art exhibition. Seerat thinks this is where Sahiba’s painting is displayed. Angad picks a blazer. Seerat gives him Sahiba’s gifted blazer and says that it matches better with his dress. He wears it. Since Seerat did not leave the house after Garry’s death, she would like to accompany him to the exhibition. Angad agrees and asks her to change her dress and meet him there.

Sahiba nervously stands in front of her painting. The host announces four new artists’ paintings, along with renowned artists’ paintings. Rumi approaches and asks whether she likes the photo he took. Sahiba says she cannot comment now as she is nervous. He tells her to relax and says she looks beautiful in this dress. She says pardon. Someone calls him to take a video. Manveer and Angad wait near the car and Angad tell her he feels good having breakfast with her.

She’s happy to see him back home, says Manveer. Seerat walks in wearing Sahiba’s dress. Angad remembers giving it to Sahiba. Seerat hopes Angad doesn’t recognize it and ask her to change. Manveer says they look good together and asks them to enjoy the exhibition. After seeing Seerat in the dress, Angad asks why she’s wearing it. Seerat claims that it’s a copy of a renowned designer and that she got it from her friend. Angad believes what she says.

Sahiba tells the teacher she didn’t know her painting would be auctioned and proceeds would go to his wife’s charity trust. Angad enters with Seerat as a chief guest and is welcomed. Teacher says we’ll see how much money her painting will fetch. Rumi thinks he’s going to replace Sahiba’s old photograph and takes it out. Photo falls in front of Angad.

Angad is busy taking pictures and does not notice the picture. Rumi picks it up and walks away. Sahiba is shocked to see Angad with Seerat there and wonders if Angad found out that even her painting is displayed. The host thanks Angad for accepting her request to be a guest of honor. Seerat’s gown leaves her feeling disheartened.

Sahiba recalls losing her gown and wonders if Seerat stole it or if Angad gave it to her. The host asks Angad if his wife did not come. Seerat replies, so what, she is a family member with Angad. Rumi recalls Seerat insulting Sahiba and wonders why Sahiba is so innocent and cannot comprehend that Angad does not care. The host praises Seerat’s dress.

Seerat says thanks and notices Sahiba standing nearby with teary eyes. Rumi believes he cannot see Sahiba’s tears, but will wipe them away. Sahiba hides her face and walks away from there. Rumi walks to her. Sahiba asks what’s going on now. Rumi wants to take a picture. Sahiba warns him not to wander around her as she does not like people intrusing her personal space and walks away. Rumi believes she did wrong by venting her frustration on him.

As Ajith and Keerat walk in, Sahiba asks why they are late. As it’s Sahiba’s big day, Ajith says they went to the temple to pray. He says he informed Seerat about the exhibition and asked her to attend, but she said she couldn’t. Sahiba says even Angad is here. Ajith says he’s good that he’s here to lift her spirits.

Sahiba says he’s not here for her, but as a guest of honor. Her classmate informs her that the professor has contacted her. Sahiba leaves. Keerat walks to Ajith and Keerat. Seerat asks if Sahiba didn’t inform him of her arrival, Sahiba doesn’t want her here. Ajith asks why Sahiba would want that. Sahiba has called Ajith and Keerat.

Sahiba does not want Seerat here because she knows what she is up to. Keerat asks Ajith to leave. Ajith leaves. Seerat says they are a team since childhood and find ways to accuse her. Keerat asks her to stop playing the victim card and says if Sahiba hadn’t stopped her, she would’ve exposed all her heinous acts. Seerat stands tense.


The parcel contained Angad’s watch and blood-stained shirt along with a note stating he had taken Angad out of her life and now she belonged to him. Sahiba ran on the road worried for Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she is doing. Sahiba says Angad’s life is in danger. Rumi says he will help her. She gets into his jeep. He smiles.

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