Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd June 2023 Written Update


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd June 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

Jasleen performs Garry and Seerta’s graha pravesh and says she’s happy his son and her daughter-in-law have returned home today. Hansraj says Seerat is wonderful for performing engagement and prewedding rituals with Angad and marrying Garry. Jasleen performs a ritual and asks Kiara to perform a sister’s ritual.

Jasleen asks Kiara if she can perform the ritual for her brother. Kiara performs the ritual. Jasleen asks Garry and Keerat to go inside. Garry walks ahead. Seerat slips. Angad holds Sahiba and asks Garry to walk along Seerat and not in front or behind. Manveer fumes. Angad walks with Seerat leaving Sahiba behind. Manveer feels angry.

The bride and groom are tired, so Gurleen suggests they start singing. Jasleen says let it be. Angad asks Gurleen to bring the prop as there is no question of tiredness in the ritual. Akaal tells Garry they will forget whatever happened until now, Garry will be under Angad’s supervision, and if he makes any mistakes, Angad has the right to punish him.

After drinking heavily, Inder objects to Akaal’s decision and asks when his son will carry someone else’s burden instead of living his own life. He claims people like Garry will never change and will only bite their saviours, and as far as he knows, even Seerat does the same. Inder says he used to drink for himself earlier and now for Angad. Akaal says an alcoholic just drinks for himself and doesn’t need any reason to do so. Angad asks them not to say that instead of blessing the newlywed couple and stopping drinking too much.

Inder continues to warn Angad to stop living for ungrateful people and live for himself. Sahiba says Seerat suffered a lot and isn’t ungrateful. Angad says he promised to take care of her while she is in Brar mansion. Angad says he will choose both and will not disappoint his papa. Seerat thinks that is a true jatt. Inder gets adamant and asks him to choose between his papa and his promise.

Inder walks away from there blessing Angad and saying they will remember his words that they would suffer because of Garry and Seerat. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to follow her duties as an elder DIL and not disappoint them. Seerat asks if she still stays in the store room. Sahiba says Angad moved her to his room. She asks if everything is sorted out between them. Sahiba says they are still at loggerheads. Seerat says she believed Angad was sorted out.

As she drops her off at Angad’s room, Seerat tells her that she has already prepared everything and asks her to call her if anything else is needed. In response to Garry’s promise to marry anyone but be loyal to only her, Sara calls him and asks him to perform suhagraat with her instead of Seerat. When Garry gets ready to leave, Seerat asks where he is going since it is suhagraat tonight. Garry says he is not ready for suhagraat because of what has happened recently.

Sahiba says she will start working again. Angad says she cannot because she must follow family rules. Sahiba says she must pay off her family’s debt. She says she doesn’t need the charity. Angad says Akaal won’t agree. Sahiba says she will speak to Akaal in the morning and persuade him.


Seerat walks to Angad’s room and asks medicine for headache. Sahiba said she kept medicine in Seerat’s room. Seerat asks if Angad can help.

Seerat angrily stares at Sahiba when Angad says Sahiba must have kept medicine in her room.


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