Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba’s Daring Escape


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Keerat waits outside Brar mansion for Sahiba. She notices the police and wonders what they are doing here. Constables stop her from entering. Keerat wonders what she will do to contact Sahiba or Veer. Yash calls Megha and asks her not to let Brars out because Angad’s court hearing will take place today, which has never happened in Brar mansion. The constable informs her to come in as soon as possible.

Veer asks Sahiba what happened to her after she finds her writhing in stomach pain and demanding to meet her husband. Sahiba says she is 3 months pregnant, and she got cramps after getting stressed by Megha. Families are shocked to hear that, and Seerat wonders how Sahiba got pregnant. Megha asks for proof. Sahiba asks why. She says Sahiba didn’t look pregnant when she jumped into the police station.

She tells Manveer not to speak and says she won’t spare her if something happens to her grandchild. Sahiba says she has a pregnancy report in her purse. Manveer finds it and gives it to Megha. Megha checks it and says she’ll call a doctor here. The family insists that Sahiba go to the hospital. The ambulance is called. During her conversation with her DIL, Manveer says she will accompany her. Megha inquires if Sahiba is also pregnant and if Sahiba will go with the constables.

Seeing Sahiba’s condition, Akaal feels helpless. Inder asks Manveer to leave Sahiba alone. Constables take Sahiba into an ambulance and take her to a hospital. Keerat follows the ambulance. Sahiba recalls signaling Inder, who informs Manveer that Sahiba is acting to reach Angad and support her. Sahiba instructs Manveer to get the phone from her purse and give it to Veer. Veer informs Keerat that they are under house arrest and Sahiba’s plan to him.

Sahiba insists that the constables stop the van so she can use the washroom. Akaal explains that they cannot attend Angad’s court hearing today because they must take care of Sahiba during her pregnancy. Japjot asks Megha for a phone call to check on Sahiba’s well-being, but Megha declines, stating that she is not there to serve them. While performing her duties, Megha finds a paper on the floor and realizes it’s Sahiba’s 6-month-old pregnancy report. She exclaims that Sahiba has once again deceived her. Gurleen asks Manveer if Sahiba is 6 months pregnant, and Manveer reminds her that Gurleen had already read this report 6 months ago. Gurleen then questions if Sahiba used Kiara’s report instead.

Upon Sahiba’s insistence, the constables pulled over a van. After stepping out of the ambulance, Sahiba was joined by Keerat, who then locked the door from outside and swiftly took off on a bike. Together, they entered a hotel where they cleverly disguised themselves as a subinspector and constable before ordering the receptionist to seal their room. Sahiba showed the receptionist a photo of Garry and inquired if they had seen this criminal. The staff member confirmed that he had indeed seen Garry and revealed that he suspected their team to be criminals due to their wild partying before checking out of their one-month-long reservation early. He also recounted overhearing Yash telling Garry to move to Baweja house where he would not be suspected. To confirm, Sahiba asked if he was sure they specifically mentioned Baweja house, to which the staff member replied in affirmative.


Sahiba enters, says she has evidence, and pulls Mannat in. The judge canceled Angad’s bail since neither he nor his lawyer could provide any solid evidence.

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