Barsatein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Bold Decision Shocks Reyansh!


Barsatein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai asking Aradhana to keep the ring with her. Reyansh says cheat. He catches Jai’s collar and scolds him. He beats Jai. The ring falls. Aradhana stops Reyansh. Suddenly, Reyansh pushes her and says she is mine, I’m going to marry her, you’re not a friend, you’re a snake. Aradhana tells him to leave, and Bhakti tells Harsh to stop them.

The lady says he is right. Who is this guy? Aradhana has become high fi; we haven’t seen a decent girl with two guys; she always does drama. They start talking. Aradhana worries. Reyansh asks her to get away. Jai punches him. O naadan parinde….plays… They both fight. The people scold Aradhana’s family. Aradhana steps on the ring. She picks up the ring. She asks Jai, will you marry me? Reyansh is stunned.

Aradhana approaches Jai and requests that he marry her. She admires the ring he gave her and expresses her desire for him to put it on her finger and marry her. Jai obliges and places the ring on her hand. This saddens Reyansh, as can be seen from his expression. The song “Rabba mere” plays in the background. Aradhana reassures them that she is determined to get married, so they do not need to attend the wedding. However, Reyansh insists that she cannot love anyone else but him. She agrees but clarifies that she will not marry him because she cannot forget Kimaya and the pain he caused her.

Furthermore, she believes that love should be easy and bring happiness, unlike their complex relationship, where he insulted her parents and hurt her repeatedly. Reyansh pleads with Bhakti, who pushes him away while reminding him of Aradhana’s decision to marry Jai willingly. Bhakti then requests him to leave, while Reyansh begs earnestly in front of Aradhana’s parents. Eventually, Aradhana takes Jai’s hand and walks away, crying tears of sorrow.

Jai inquires why she made the decision. She responds by stating that she was left with no other option. He reassures her that she didn’t do anything wrong but questions how one moves forward when one’s dreams are sacrificed for someone else’s. She admits that it was her choice and explains that she wants to continue living and moving on. He supports her decision and declares his willingness to do anything for her because he… Aradhana interrupts by clarifying that while she can’t provide him with love, she can offer friendship, respect, and partnership. He accepts this and tells her it’s enough for him. She reflects on how history seems to be repeating itself today.

Jai drinks and says I’ll kill him. As Jai argues, Reyansh says to him, Hit me, Aradhana is yours, you’re so clever, you made me wrong before them and made me good, my heart is broken, you broke me, you caught my weakness and finished me, Aradhana belongs to me. As he leaves, Bhakti calls Jai and asks him to take his parents home. Reyansh stands in front of a car and smiles when he sees him.

In the morning, Bhakti cooks food, calls Harsh, and asks him to get Rasgulla. Jai’s family is coming. Aradhana watches. Bhakti says they are rich people from London, and I want Aradhana to get married soon so I can leave Reyansh. Aradhana says everything is fine. She checks the door. You…

The lady pinches Jai’s foot and wakes him. He says Maa, when did you come? She says not fair, you’ve chosen a girl. He says you’ll know when you meet Aradhana. She wants you to explain to me what’s special about that girl, is she your dream girl. He says yes, but… nothing, good to see you, I’ll get ready and come. She says I will see and test her.

Seeing Aradhana, Malini smiles and hugs her. Bhakti says you’re here. Malini hugs her. Bhakti asks how you got here. Malini says I heard Aradhana and Jai’s relationship was fixed. Aradhana says yes. Malini says I’m happy. You’ve made the right decision. Jai is a nice guy, and he’ll keep you happy. Aradhana asks how you’re doing.

I am staying here for a few days, as things aren’t the same between Viren and me after losing a daughter. She says I came to tell her something important about Reyansh. As she recalls meeting Reyansh, he said I would kill Jai. I wouldn’t leave him. She worried. Facebook ends. Aradhana asks about Reyansh’s accident. Bhakti asks what. Malini says we must keep Aradhana away from Reyansh if we want Aradhana happy.


Reyansh sends the shagun home. Aradhana burns the frame. Reyansh says the name can’t be erased.

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