Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 12th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 12th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana asks Kimaya to speak to Angad at the beginning of the episode. Angad tells Kimaya he cannot live without her, I have left my home, I love you, I hate my parents. She replies, “I love you too.” He asks Aradhana to assist them. Aradhana asks if you left your parents for Kimaya’s sake. He replies yes, I will earn for myself, I want to be with Kimaya, do something. Kimaya says I’ll talk to you later. She asks Aradhana to assist her. She says I can’t live without Angad. She hugs Aradhana tightly.

Aradhana believes I can bring you and Kimaya together. She inquires, are you certain? Kimaya confirms, stating her love for Angad and her plans to marry him. She trusts him and values his respect for her. Kriti considers speaking with Kimaya and knocks on the door before entering. Aradhana asks Kimaya to leave, wanting to have a private conversation with Kriti. When asked about Kimaya’s whereabouts, Aradhana says she prefers to be alone at the moment and suggests it may be easier for Kriti to talk to someone unfamiliar. Kriti agrees, expressing her gratitude and acknowledging Vikram and Aradhana as a great team. She then leaves.

Aradhana makes her way to Kimaya and Angad, offering a hug to Kimaya. Expressing her appreciation for Aradhana’s support, Kimaya remarks on her role as an elder sister today. Having finished their conversation, Aradhana takes her leave, hoping that Kimaya will continue to find happiness. Meanwhile, Angad is reminded of his alternate plan to seek revenge. As the morning arrives, Viren inquires whether Narender is Alka’s brother, and Reyansh confirms this. Malini interjects with news that Viren was responsible for Narender’s imprisonment. However, Viren justifies his actions by stating the truth – Narender was a criminal who deserved to be punished for his actions. Calling attention to their own mistake of judging others solely based on social status, Malini praises Aradhana for uncovering the truth and saving Kimaya from harm. Just then, Aradhana enters the room and is thanked by Malini and Reyansh for her efforts.

Aradhana thinks Reyansh did something again. Aradhana thinks Angad loves Kimaya a lot. He goes to speak to him. Arnab and Komal come to Kriti. Kriti says chocolate is good for depression. Arnab says make it for me, I also had a heartbreak, Aradhana left me. Komal says you’re in line, loser. He jokes. Aradhana calls Kimaya. Reyansh asks what happened, tell me. Aradhana tells him everything. He asks what, is this crazy? She says I made a mistake. He says Jindals are dangerous, so he told you.

Kimaya is in danger because of me, Angad said he left his parents, and I thought someone had true love in fate, but I wasn’t sure. Kriti and Komal search for Kimaya. Viren gets angry at Alka and Naresh coming home and Viren says I’ll call the police. Viren says I’ll call the police. Naresh says fine, call the police, what will you say about us, your daughter ran away at night, and you’re showing us attitude. Reyansh and Aradhana arrive. Arnab asks Malini to think about how respectful she is.

Viren expresses disbelief, while Komal reports that Kimaya is not in her room. Reyansh gives a warning to Naresh, who responds with threats about Kimaya. Meanwhile, Angad suggests that Kimaya can buy whatever she desires and reassures her of his love. He reflects on Alka’s words and remembers how he proposed to Kimaya. With determination, he vows to bring dishonor upon the Khanna family as revenge. Aradhana interrupts his thoughts with a phone call, asking if Kimaya is safe with him. Angad replies sarcastically, asking why she trusted him in the first place and advises her not to ruin her life seeking revenge.

She says Kimaya loves you, she trusts you, don’t do this. Angad says no, you did this. He laughs and ends the call. Aradhana worries.

When Reyansh calls Vikram and asks him to find Angad’s number, Aradhana says we need to save Kimaya. Malini asks where Kimaya is. Aradhana says Angad is with his parents as well. Malini asks if you knew this. Kimaya apologizes, she is stressed and takes a lot of chocolate. Angad says give me some chocolates, we’ll talk to Aradhana later. She says yes, I love you. He trashes the cell phones.

Aradhana scolds Malini. Aradhana says you didn’t see Kimaya’s situation, I thought Angad’s love was genuine, he said he left his parents. Naresh says he is my son. Alka says she made our work easy. Aradhana made Kimaya elope. Viren asks where my daughter is. Aradhana says she’ll get Kimaya back. She leaves.


Komal beats him. Reyansh and Aradhana come to save Kimaya. Angad holds Aradhana at gunpoint.

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