Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Poorvi slapping Jasbir hard on his face. He is about to slap him again, but his friend stops her. Jassi says no problem, she’s your bhabhi and has right on me. He asks his men to lift her. Poorvi and Prachi run into the house, while Vishaka pushes Jassi’s friend. Poorvi asks where we will go, from here. Jassi asks his men to lock everyone in the storeroom. Prachi takes Poorvi to the storeroom.

Prachi instructs Poorvi to pour oil on the floor. After opening the cans, they spread the oil. Jassi arrives and locks the door, announcing their plan to make sweets. As he approaches Poorvi, he slips on the oil and loses consciousness. Prachi reassures Poorvi and examines him, noting that they must call the police before he wakes up. The rest of the family soon joins them and Vishaka asks if he is deceased. Prachi clarifies that he is simply unconscious while Ashok reminds them of the impending arrival of the goons.

Poorvi says we have to fight with them. Diya says they’ll come here and make Jasbir conscious, so then they’ll take Di to marry him. They can’t force her to marry him, and Poorvi tells her that Maa said they’d fight them. They take kitchen stuff and warn guards who come by. Diya asks if we have guns, Poorvi says no. Vishaka asks what weapon we have.

When the family members attack and beat the guards, they try to get Jassi back to his senses. As they flee the kitchen, Jasbir becomes conscious and scolds them. Prachi warns the other goons outside and fights them with all her family. Jassi arrives there with his guards. Ashok fights with one of the goons. His men are told by Jassi that whoever brings Poorvi to him in the night will receive a reward of 10 lakh rupees.

Jassi tells Pandit ji that now the engagement will not take place, but instead he will marry Poorvi. The guards also go to fight them. His wooden stick is placed in the bowl. Ashutosh and his family are standing scared, hiding behind his mother. Jassi says the marriage will now take place. Poorvi asks the guard to leave her hand and says it hurts.

Jassi approaches Poorvi after shooting in the air, concerned about her well-being. In a fit of rage, he reprimands his guard for injuring Poorvi, whom he refers to as his future wife. His friend attempts to calm him down while others plead for him to release the guard. Despite this, Jassi momentarily attempts to choke his guard until Poorvi intervenes and begs him to spare the guard’s life. Jassi listens to her pleas and orders his guard to apologize and show gratitude towards Poorvi. He then embraces the guard and invites Poorvi to marry him.

Pandit ji is ordered to start reading mantras by Jassi. Poorvi tells him she won’t marry him. Jassi throws a gun at his guard, who points it at her family. Poorvi shouts Maa. She asks him to leave him. Prachi tells Poorvi not to be scared and do not agree. The guard aims the gun at Prachi. If you don’t agree, your mother will die. He asks the guard to shoot her.

Pandit ji agrees to marry Poorvi. As a bride does not look good when crying, Jassi asks her to wipe her tears. He tells Pandit ji that the fight will only last three rounds. Someone knocks on the door. Ashok says he has called the police and they will arrive soon. The matchstick is lit, and Jassi asks his guard to shoot him after marriage.

Jassi tells Poorvi to look at him. RV pushes open the door and gets inside. Poorvi looks at him. Jassi says he has a longstanding rivalry with RV. RV asks Poorvi if she will marry him. Ashutosh says she was engaged to me, but now I can’t move. RV looks at him. Jassi asks RV to go from there. RV asks Poorvi if she will marry him based on his wishes. Diya asks where her consent came from. Jassi says he won’t make her go shopping if she opens her mouth. Everyone should close their eyes for 5 seconds.

Ashutosh turns his face when Poorvi looks at him with hope, but RV sees Poorvi looking at him with hope. Jassi opens his eyes and says we’ll marry now. RV holds Jassi’s hand and asks him to let go of her. Jassi asks you if you love her? RV says she doesn’t want to marry you, leave her hand…Jassi says I want to marry her. RV says I’m saying it for the last time. As Jassi is about to hit him, RV holds his hand and keeps it out.


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