Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ranbir tells Prachi it is strange that they have to hide from everyone, even though they love each other. Prachi says don’t say anything, we don’t love. Ranbir asks if you’re sure. She says yes. If you don’t feel any feelings for me, he says why don’t you let me tie the lace? He asks why your heart rate is increasing.

Prachi asks him to move back from her. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and asks if she feels anything. Prachi says no. He gets closer to her and asks now. Prachi says no. He holds her closer. Prachi feels and closes her eyes. She then realizes this and moves away. Ranbir opens the door and informs the salesgirl that he is still trying on the clothes. After she leaves, he closes the door and asks Prachi what just happened.

As Divya suggests Mihika to try on the dress, she queries the salesgirl if Ranbir is in the changing room. The salesgirl confirms that he is indeed inside. Curious, Mihika heads there. Akshay inquires about Ranbir’s whereabouts, and the salesgirl replies that he is in the changing room. Akshay is taken aback and expresses concern that Prachi might also be there. Abhay reassures him, saying that doesn’t necessarily mean they are together. However, Akshay feels uneasy whenever Ranbir is around Prachi, so he decides to leave. Meanwhile, inside the changing room, Ranbir asks Prachi to answer a question, but she declines to do so.

Ranbir inquires if Prachi has felt the same way he did. He admits that if she denies it, he’ll understand it’s a lie. He tells her of his closeness with her – how he could sense emotions in her eyes for him, hear her breath and heartbeat, and feel her soul inside of her. Prachi pleads with him to stop as they are now apart because she is with Akshay and he is with Mihika. Ranbir rejects that they have split and implores Prachi to place a hand on her heart and honestly admit she has forgotten their love.

As Prachi reflects on their times together, she realizes that love isn’t everything in life. She’s come to understand that peace is necessary for true love; if it’s missing, misunderstanding and tension can arise between two people. This is why she doubted their relationship and was met with doubt in return – there was a lack of harmony between them.

She asks Divya to be patient and wait until she tries on the dress. Divya assumes that she might be feeling frustrated and declares that she cannot go shopping with her. Ranbir shares that he had suspicions earlier, but he regrets it now and has apologized to her repeatedly. He points out that she has a habit of dragging things out and likens it to stretching a rubber band, which will eventually snap. Mihika then goes to use another changing room.

Prachi questions Ranbir if he is implying that the matter is her fault and accuses her despite this moment. Mihika overhears and calls out her name. She requests Prachi to speak softly, as she heard everything. Prachi confirms that she’s on the phone. Ranbir insists that they fight but Prachi notices Akshay coming and warns him not to get noticed. At the same time, Mihika emerges from trying a dress and Divya compliments it.

Akshay and Abhay complimented Mihika’s appearance, to which she replied that she was going to show Prachi a dress. Akshay then mentioned that Ranbir must be inside. Divya suggested a bet between him and Mihika, so Akshay went and knocked on the door, calling out for Ranbir. When he opened it, he found Ranbir standing there who inquired about the commotion. Suddenly, Prachi arrived at the scene and questioned the situation. Memories flooded back to her of jumping between trials rooms with Ranbir’s help earlier in the day, making Mihika and Akshay realise why they were both present now – Prachi has been here all along! To conclude the moment, Ranbir declared his love for her before finally accepting it is night if she says so.

Pallavi catches sight of Prachi and says that she must explain why she did this to her. Dida attempts to stop her, but Pallavi continues her path towards the trial room – only to find that Prachi and the others have already left. She is determined to make Prachi realize what she has done – breaking his heart and making him cry – in spite of Dida’s efforts to stymie her. Ranbir feels that Akshay and Mihika are acting irresponsibly when suddenly he trips and falls down. The salesgirl apologizes, and then a guy collides with Ranbir who instructs him to be more careful. As their eyes meet, Prachi returns his gaze.

As Divya tells Abhay, everything is going to be awful, even worse. Abhay says he feels the same way. Divya says she’s referring to Mihika’s behaviour. It’s worrying that Prachi and Ranbir will have to pay the price, says Abhay. During a conversation with Mihika, Ranbir asks her to show him the dress she wanted to show him. He says he will also select the dress. Mihika leaves. Seeing Prachi, Ranbir approaches her and asks if she likes the jacket.

Prachi says it’s good, and then enquires to know Mihika’s opinion. She moves to the other side of the room, in response to his statement that she was standing in front of him. Ranbir steps in and comments on how cute the outfit looked. Prachi inquires if he was referring to her as cute, he clarifies that it was the clothes he found nice. She remarked that she was not naive and pointed out that he had intended to call her cute. He inquired why she pretends not to understand when in fact she is aware of the situation; stating that had he actually called her cute then surely she would have accepted it. Prachi asked what he meant by this; so Ranbir asserted that sometimes we see and feel only what we want and decline whatever does not fit our idea. Eventually, Ranbir led Prachi away from the crowd.

The guy who collided with Ranbir takes out a gun and wears a mask in the changing room. Mihika firmly tells Mayank that he has no right over her. Pallavi sees Ranbir. Prachi tells Ranbir that Akshay is her husband and takes care of her whenever she has a problem. The guy who took out the gun and wore a mask in the changing room after colliding with Ranbir.

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