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The episode begins with Faltu expressing his grievance, saying, “You promised me before, and yet you doubted me. You went back on your word, and before ousting me, you put me through a series of challenges, shattering my heart.” Ayaan replies, no. Faltu says we got divorced, I won’t tolerate anyone touching me. He says don’t say this. She says I have learned to live without you, we were not meant to be together, we fought for love and lost, you have no place in my life now. He says that I will die. Janardhan is asked to explain her.

Faltu says I apologized when my dream was crushed, I apologized when I wasn’t at fault, and I apologized when you spiked my drink. You don’t care about my sorry, I don’t care about your sorry. Go and stay happy, and you’ll be happy to be rid of me. She requests Dada ji to instruct Ayaan to leave. Dada ji responds, stating that it is fate that brought them together, and he suggests giving Ayaan a chance. She questions why she should do that when Ayaan forced her out of the house after Ruhaan revealed the truth. She reprimands Ayaan for his actions.

Ayaan says you can beat me and insult me, but come with me, he holds her hand. Neil stops Ayaan and says you won’t force her to go. I want to respect her decision since not all girls are the same. Tanu worries and says Faltu can forgive Ayaan and come back if she decides not to go.

Sid asks her to value their relationship. He scolds her. She cries and says I worry for Ayaan and this family because I know he can’t stay happy with Faltu. He apologizes for the problem, he means we are unable to concentrate on our lives. He hugs her. She thinks Faltu won’t return.

Ayaan encourages Neil not to seek revenge, assuring they can resolve the issue without dragging his wife into it. To which Neil responds by asking “What wife? You got divorced.” Ayaan explains he was in fact not, as he had destroyed the paperwork. Neil astounded at such a sharp reversal inquires whether Faltu’s decision is being respected or not. He further commands Janardhan to escort Ayaan away. Above all, he makes it clear that no one has a right to force Faltu into doing anything against her will. Finally, Faltu speaks up and asks everyone to leave since she was provided shelter by Neil and Janardhan’s father. She apologizes for the inconvenience caused to them before they depart.

Tanu inquired the Inspector if he was certain that Faltu was at Neil’s house. The latter affirmed, adding that Ayaan had rescued her from the gangsters earlier that day. She thanked him for his help and Ayaan wanted to know if there was any connection between the two of them. Faltu replied in the negative and proceeded to hit a vase on his head, both Janardhan and Faltu yelled out in surprise. He next grabbed a knife and threatened to take away his own life as no one cared about it. Fortunately, Faltu stopped him from doing something drastic. Ayaan accepted that he was indeed cherished by Faltu since she couldn’t bear to see him hurt. Sid enquired Dadi whether or not she’d seen Tanu, to which she replied that the latter had gone with Savita to meet Faltu; after Savita kept insisting, Tanu eventually gave up and took her along. This made Sid angry.

Savita and Tanu arrive to meet Faltu. Savita notices Ayaan and questions his actions. Faltu hands over aid to Ayaan. However, Savita stops Faltu and takes over the task herself. Tanu recognizes Neil and reveals that he met Faltu in Nasik, inquiring about his evasion from the police. Neil explains that he met Faltu on that particular day, but Faltu denies any connection with Neil now. Savita insists that Faltu answer her and asks how long he has known Neil. Dada ji seeks clarification, asking what the matter pertains to.

Ayaan reprimands Tanu for her actions. Ayaan intervenes, telling Faltu that he doesn’t need to respond to the questions. Faltu inquires how long they will continue to stop him from speaking, expressing his place in their family and asserting that he won’t stay there anymore, as no one believes him there. Janardhan agrees, acknowledging that they have always doubted Faltu and her patience has reached its limit. Ayaan assures Faltu that he will seek forgiveness on his behalf and promises that everything will be fine.

Dadi asks Sid and Tanu to stop arguing. Tanu says Faltu insulted Ayaan a lot. Savita says yes, she asked us to leave since it was her house, and everyone supported her like she was their bahu. Ayaan raises his voice, exclaiming, “Enough, Maa! If you utter a single word against Faltu, consider me dead.” He expresses his sole desire of getting Faltu back. Sid assures Ayaan of his support, offering help in any way possible. Ayaan declares that he will bring her back within the next 7 days, apologize to her, and make her dreams come true.


Faltu says I don’t want these. Neil says Ayaan sent them. Ayaan apologizes to Faltu.

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